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Allergies and Young Children – Learning

It is important for young children to understand that not everything that is good for one person is good for another.

Sesame Street does their “What’s the word on the street?” segment, teaching kids about a new word. I’m not sure when this aired. Surf Sweets posted a link to it on facebook today. While it doesn’t talk about Celiac Disease or gluten, it’s still good to help young children understand. I definitely think it’s worth sharing.

If kids could learn this basic idea when they’re very young, maybe it would be easier to understand something like a friend having Celiac Disease, when they get a little older.  Just my two cents.






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  1. Cami Avatar

    Love this! Another great resource for young children to learn about celiac is the book “cecil celiac is sleeping in gabe’s gut.” it really puts it in terms they can understand. The book can be found at