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DiabetEZE / Stabilyze

Gone are the days when there were no breakfast/protein/nutrition/snack/energy bars available for those who had to eat gluten-free (and good riddance to those days, too!).  When I first went gf, I could often be found munching on a Snickers bar because there wasn’t much I could take on the run.  Now, however, we have lots of options!

Innova Nutrition sent me some of their DiabetEze bars to sample.  These are high protein energy bars with 5 grams of fiber (in the chocolate peanut butter, 6 in the chocolate mint) and are low glycemic.  They are formulated for diabetics and are also gluten-free.

I’ve been eating these before heading to the gym lately.  One bar has 9 grams of fat, 170 or 180 calories, and 18 grams of carbs.  I’ve found that they help me get going and really get through my workouts, without adding that heaviness that I feel when I actually eat a real breakfast (I prefer a nutrition/energy bar in the mornings).  However, the time I ate one 4 hours before Zumba, that was not a great morning.  Burning 800 calories that far after eating 170?  Well, the math isn’t promising.  :O

These bars have a chewy inside with crispies (made of whey protein), wrapped in a nice layer of chocolate (because chocolate is good for the soul, or something like that 🙂 ).

So how do they taste?  They’re actually really good!  There’s not a yucky aftertaste like you find with some nutrition bars.  They almost taste like candy.  In fact, Martin described the chocolate mint one as tasting like a chewy Thin Mint cookie.  The chocolate peanut butter is like a low-key version of a peanut butter cup, like something Mom would make to give you the flavor without killing you with sugar.  I <heart> the chocolate mint.

They are currently named DiabetEZE, but are going through a re-branding to the name Stabilyze.  You can find them at Costco (yay!).  Check them out on facebook and learn more about them!






5 responses to “DiabetEZE / Stabilyze”

  1. Yrebel Avatar

    It might be a mericle for my diabetes, but Iv’e been on it for about 24 hours and Iv’e had alot of GAS. Is this causing the gas?
    Let me know:)

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      I don’t think it should be causing any gas unless there is something in it to which you may be allergic. If you are eating a lot of them, it might be a problem (just like if you ate a lot of any other food).

    2. govtrumbull Avatar

      It’s the sugar alcohol in the chocolate. I have the same problem as well, and so does my wife. In the evening it is a symphony on the love seat, while watching TV. Try some BEANO along with the bars. It will help.

  2. Kendall Sike Avatar
    Kendall Sike

    I have eaten a product called Extend Bars for my diabetes and hypoglycemia for years. It was recommended by my endocrinologist and was created by a former president of the ADA. They help keep my blood sugar in check and help with hunger control between meals. These stabilyze bars simply look like too many other bars on the market .

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      That sounds like a good problem to have: multiple companies making similar products for people with diabetes and hypoglycemia. For someone who has to deal with multiple allergens when buying food, we are always grateful for a variety of products that are similar but slightly different.