Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Prescott Frost Organic Hot Dogs

Even though he’s told me he no longer likes hot dogs, Braden was pretty excited when Prescott Frost sent us some of their Organic Hot Dogs.  Have you ever spent much time reading hot dog labels?  Finding ones that are gluten-free, soy-free, and corn-free are extremely difficult.  But these are!  They are also 100% grassfed, pasture raised, all beef, certified organic hot dogs, which are fully cooked and nitrate free.

My grill hasn’t made the move yet (my dad is borrowing it for the rest of the summer), so we just cooked ours in the microwave.  I bet they would be extra-good fresh from the grill.

Braden remarked that they were a little hard to cut through (we microwaved them a second time, after I took pictures, so that may have had something to do with it).  He decided that they taste better than regular hot dogs, and are definitely not bland.

I found them to be very juicy, but not super oily like some hot dogs.  They have a good, interesting flavor, like half-way between a hot dog and a sausage.  I’ve never before had a hot dog that tastes like this.  I really enjoyed mine.

Carter: “they taste really good.”

Corice: “they taste really good.”

Martin: “they do taste really good.”

I guess it’s unanimous: “they taste really good.”

Braden, who has become thoroughly disgusted by hot dogs because of a documentary he watched, has decided that these are alright in his book.

It’s not just the hot dogs themselves, but the company.  Prescott Frost seems to really be involved in working toward better farming.

From their website:

What makes us different?

Our animals are 100% Grass Fed and USDA Certified Organic. NO hormones, NO antibiotics and NO corn.

We believe that a return to organic and traditional
grass farming is essential to our collective health.

We are committed to challenging the industrial food model and work daily to make this happen.

Our commitment to change

Our Mission: To transform agriculture. Every purchase you make returns 2% directly to essential organizations that are committed to sound organic principles, preserving and advancing the craft of farming, protecting our earth, and delivering honest financial rewards to the farmer. Join with us as we move towards a more sustainable model one animal and one acre at a time.

Kudos to Prescott Frost, as well as their tasty, organic, all-beef hot dogs.