Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Tall Papa Bread Crumbs

Just before we moved, we received some breadcumbs from Tall Papa.  Martin and I decided that we should try some Cajun Spice breaded chicken a few days ago when the kids were gone.

I started with just some plain, boneless, skinless chicken tenders.  All I did to prepare them was to cut off the annoying tendon.  I dipped them in a beaten egg, then in the Tall Papa Cajun Spice bread crumbs, and laid them on an oiled roasting-type pan (mine is a two-piece thing with holes in the top piece.  I think it comes with new ovens, because I now have two of them).  Then I baked them at 350°F for about 10-12 minutes.

Using just the beaten egg, the breading stayed on the chicken and it stayed crispy.  There is a good mixture of larger and smaller crumbs, with some lovely bits of parsley.  There is a light Cajun flavor, not spicy, though sometimes there’s a little bit of spice heat that lingers on the tongue.  Martin needed a little more flavoring for his preference, but the spice/flavor level is at a point where you could easily add more to accommodate your own personal tastes.

I’ve never really used bread crumbs much in my own cooking, but I found these to be quite delightful.  The Citrus Lime Bread Crumbs are Braden-friendly, and I look forward to trying them, perhaps with fish, when we get home from vacation.