Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Yummi Bears Vegetarian Vitamins

“Mom, can we have our NEW vitamins?”

This is what I have heard since we received some Yummi Bears Vegetarian Multi-Vitamin & Mineral gummy vitamins from Hero Nutritionals.

We switched to gummy vitamins a few years ago, because nobody liked the chalky dinosaur ones.  These vegetarian gummy vitamins, have something a little extra special.

Because they are vegetarian, they do not contain gelatin.  This makes them chewy instead of gummy (I tried really hard, but I couldn’t think of a more descriptive way to say that).  To my kids, that makes them different and awesome.  They are sweet and sour.  Strawberry, apple, orange, and grape flavors taste more like real fruit than most vitamins or candies, and they are covered in sugar to keep them from sticking together.

My kids always want them more than anything else.  They are Braden-friendly (it was one of the first things we checked after he found out the list of things he is allergic to).  These vitamins are free of: Gluten, yeast, wheat, casein, milk, egg, soy, salt, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, gelatin, artificial flavors, artificial colors, salicylates, and preservatives.

Next time you need gummy vitamins for your children (or yourself), you might want to look into these.