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Manischewitz Gluten-free!


Passover is a great time for Celiacs, because there are so many “Kosher for Passover” items that are gluten-free (remember: always read the labels).

We recently received some samples from one of the big Passover companies, Manischewitz, which caused quite a stir in our house.

One of the exciting foods in the box was their Gluten Free Crackers.  They are soft but crisp, flour-y tasting, a little sweet, and taste a lot like Saltines when you get lots of salt on them (if you turn the box over).  Of course, I haven’t eaten Saltines in over 9 years, so take that with a grain of salt (we prefer pink salt).


Gluten-Free Matzo-Style Squares are an interesting sight to my kids, because they are gigantic square crackers.  They are a flaky, basic cracker, much like the previous crackers, but in a different size.  Braden decided that he should add some Himalayan Pink Salt to the crackers (which I think makes a good addition, too).  These would be a great accompaniment to a chili or soup!


The most exciting thing to enter our house, though, was Magic Max’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal that’s gluten-free?????????  Yes!!!!


These little cereal cookies are crispy, puffy, and full of air.  They are completely coated in sugar (think frosted flakes), can dissolve in your mouth (if you’re that patient), and have a sprinkling of tiny chocolate chips (no soy!!!).  They are tasty (and sweet), a bit addictive, and great in milk.  The cereal even retains its flavor in milk, unlike many of the cereals on the market(including mainstream/not gluten-free ones).


Unfortunately, the box only contains 5.5 ounces of cereal.  Thankfully, though, these products are all certified gluten-free, so you can feel safe eating them.  You can visit Manischewitz online, and perhaps find something you are searching for.

Now is a great time to start scanning store shelves for great gluten-free Kosher for Passover items, if you live in an area with a good-sized Jewish population.  I’ve been telling Martin for the last 6 months or more that I will be spending a lot of money on food during the Passover season.  🙂  Maybe I’ll find some more great treats (and hopefully some corn-free marshmallows for Braden)!





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  1. Grandma Kitty Avatar
    Grandma Kitty

    Looking for the GF salted crackers in zip code 33446. No luck so far. My grandson LOVES them.