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LUNA Protein Bars Giveaway!

Is work-day snacking bringing you down?  Do you sit at your desk and eat junk or maybe feel like you’re starving to death until it’s time to go home?

LunaBarsLUNA wants to help you practice healthy workplace snacking with the “Feed Your Strength…At Work!” Facebook contest.  Through June 30th, you can upload a picture of you and your coworkers and a little write-up about how you are making work a healthier, happier place, and you will be entered to win a vending machine for your workplace stocked with LUNA snacks, including the gluten-free protein bars.

Two new-to-me flavors of the LUNA protein bars are Chocolate and Chocolate Cherry.  The chocolate cherry is like a distant cousin to a cherry cordial – none of that crazy sweetness (or runny gooey stuff), but with both flavors melding and working together.  Sometimes the cherry flavor is stronger and sometimes the chocolate, and it changes as you chew.  This is a great bar to chew slowly and savor the differences in the flavors.

The Chocolate LUNA Protein Bar almost belongs in the candy aisle.  It’s sweet enough, chocolate enough, and full of nougat-y chewy goodness to satisfy a chocolate craving.  I almost feel slightly guilty for eating it.  🙂Chocolate Cherry and ChocolateFor our Delightfully Gluten Free readers, LUNA is sponsoring a giveaway here, too.  One lucky winner will receive their flavor choice of 3 boxes of LUNA protein bars.  Yes, that’s 3 boxes of LUNA protein bars!

To enter the DGF giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post about what you do at work to be healthy.  For example, we teach physical education classes for undergraduates, and spend entire semesters exercising and talking about health, fitness, and nutrition.

This giveaway on Delightfully Gluten Free is open to U.S. addresses and will close at 9:00 p.m. central on Friday, June 14, 2013.

The LUNA facebook contest closes on June 30th.

Want to know about the other flavors?  Check out my previous LUNA protein bar review (from last May).  Enjoy!  🙂









17 responses to “LUNA Protein Bars Giveaway!”

  1. Katherine Avatar

    In order to be healthy at work, I try to pack my lunch every day instead of grabbing things out. I also try to keep healthy snacks in my desk drawer for when I can’t avoid snacking–right now I have a bag of almonds and a bar of dark chocolate that can be broken into smaller squares. Luna bars would be a great addition to my drawer!

  2. Alaine Avatar

    I try to pack healthy snacks! 🙂 Protein is vital for me right now because I am pregnant!

  3. julie Avatar

    I am a stay at home mom, so I try to keep all my snacks healthy and not have junk food around.

  4. Angela Avatar

    I try to pack healthy snacks to avoid vending machine trips.

  5. Nicole Avatar

    I teach rock climbing (and rock climb as much as I can myself)

  6. Nicole Avatar

    I try to run at least 3-4 times a week, as well as do strength training at the gym

  7. Shawna Avatar

    At work (which is an elementary school), we have a weekly yoga class taught by a parent and another yoga class that is taught by a group of students (who wanted to take “action” regarding changing, “How we live in the world.”). We also have a track and we often meet up before the kids arrive and take a few laps.

  8. D SCHMIDT Avatar

    I make sure I get up and walk around as often as I am able and have a snack drawer with healthy items.

  9. Amy Z. Avatar
    Amy Z.

    I bring a water bottle and make sure to keep drinking water throughout the day. I also love to pack healthy snacks like almonds and fruit.

  10. Sarah G Avatar
    Sarah G

    I am a stay at home mom now. But, I take an hour walk everyday with my youngest (weather permitting), and play outside with him and my puppy. We also drink water all day and snack on cut up fruits and veggies.

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      Congrats, Sarah! You’re our winner!

  11. Amanda J Avatar
    Amanda J

    I park a short distance from the office so I get some extra steps in the beginning and end of the day. If the weather is nice enough I walk on my lunch break as well.

  12. Amber Gillespie Avatar
    Amber Gillespie

    I juice each morning at work and I have a mini peddler under my desk to keep me moving throughout the day when I would otherwise have to be sedentary.

  13. katherine d Avatar
    katherine d

    at work, I lead a lunchtime walking group!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Vee Avatar

    I pack my lunch(es) everyday in small portions to eat every few hours, I may take a bite of something good someone brings in but never overindulge, I almost always take stairs! (I’m a nurse)

  15. Sam Avatar

    A little about me: I am not currently working full-time since I am only 17! But I keep up a growing blog known as MouthwateringMotivation where I create healthy makeovers of foods I love 🙂 I know I am young but I have a great passion for health and fitness! I just recently got accepted to a university for food and nutrition and I am planning on getting a job working at a nutrition store this summer! I’ve inspired my family to be healthier and I hope to inspire many more as a dietician in the future! 🙂 *How I eat healthy: Personally I eat a salad for one meal everyday, I love cottage cheese although people think I am crazy haha and I love making my own natural protein bars!*

  16. nadya kotik Avatar
    nadya kotik

    i am a substitute teacher so I stay on my feet and eat healthy snacks and talk to kids about healthy habits.