Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Restaurant Fined for Giving Wheat-Based Pasta to Celiac

According to an article on Grub Street New York this morning, a restaurant in England was recently fined $12,000 (settling out of court) for serving a woman with Celiac Disease a wheat-based pasta after she had specifically ordered gluten-free (they have a gluten-free menu).  For those of you thinking this is just another person frivolously suing because they got sick one time, you should understand that she was undergoing an immunosuppressant regimen to prepare for a heart and lung transplant, and this immune flare caused her to be disqualified from the transplant.

It is extremely important for restaurants and their workers to take notice.  Just because one person “with Celiac Disease” may choose not to take care of their health, or doesn’t care about being sick “one night” doesn’t mean that others act that way.  Not only is it harmful to our bodies when they don’t pay attention and make a mistake (even if it is an honest one), there may be far-reaching consequences for some people.  With Celiac Disease and food allergies, you may not know how harmful something is until it is too late.

Please, stand up and take notice.