Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Alpina Foods Greek Yogurt with GF Granola

Growing up, we almost always put granola or something crunchy in our yogurt (grape-nuts – my mom was addicted to those).  Going gluten-free kind of put a damper on my yogurt consumption for awhile, but I found substitutes (Enjoy Life’s Crunchy Rice and Crunchy Flax – formerly Perky’s Nutty Rice) and eventually there was gluten-free granola.  When I was in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago, I toted with me a bunch of sample bags of gf granola from Expo West and grabbed some yogurt at the store for my breakfast everyday.

But those non-gf people have it so easy with the granola sitting on top of their yogurt containers, right?  Well, now we do, too.

Recently, Alpina Foods has launched ReVive Greek Yogurtwith certified gluten-free granola from Udi’s!

ReVive Yogurt with Gluten-Free Granola

The yogurt has a rich, creamy taste and texture but is actually gluten-free.  The granola ranges from a little crisp with a chew to mostly crunchy, depending on the variety and what is inside.  The flavors of the yogurt, the granola, and the melding between the two are great, and there are a bunch of options to suit many tastes.

It makes for a wonderful small breakfast or post-workout snack. 😉

Alpina Blueberry

Flavors currently available are: Blueberry with Almond Berry granola, Strawberry with Almond Berry granola, Vanilla Bean with Chai Spice granola, Honey with Chai Spice granola, Mango with Tropical Chia granola, Peach with Tropical Chia granola, and Plain with Superfoods granola.

It is really quite exciting to see all of these awesome new gluten-free products!  People say to me “oh, it must be so hard to be gluten-free.”  Are you kidding?  Try being gluten-free a decade or more ago.  That was hard.  Today?  Well, we’ve got yogurt with granola on Central Market’s and Wegman’s shelves.

Check out Alpina’s website for more store locations.