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I’ve been asked to review quite a few different subscription box services, but only one (so far) has seemed worth mentioning.  What is a subscription box service, you may ask.  Generally, it is a monthly service that you sign up for and pay a monthly fee, and the company will send new products for you to try each month.

Cuisine CubeI recently received a box from Cuisine Cube.  Unlike the other box services, Cuisine Cube sends full-sized products for you to try (for comparison purposes, another company just sent sample sizes, and half of them were soap, baby food, or organic tampons) .

Why would you want to try a subscription box service?  Well, have you ever bought a product and then found it to be DISGUSTING?  And you totally wasted your money on it, usually A LOT of money?  The people at Cuisine Cube know what that’s like, and they want to save you from the nasty food and the wasted money.  They do the tasting and find excellent products for you to try in your Cube each month.


Have you ever had salted caramel macaroons?  Peanut butter and jelly macaroons?  Who even knew they existed?

CuisineCube_MyBoxChocolate souffle muffins?  Blondies with coconut?  Talk about awesome!  Those are some great finds.  Each month, you’ll get about 6 full-size items for $29.99.  That even includes shipping.  At about $5 an item with things you likely might not be able to find in your local area (or may be too afraid to try), it’s not a bad deal.  You might even find a new favorite.

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween.  Clear out the gluten candy.  And, oh, could you pass another one of those chocolate souffle muffins?  😉






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  1. Leah Avatar

    OH my gosh! thank you so much for posting this! I was looking for something like thisQ

  2. Josef Rosenfeld Avatar
    Josef Rosenfeld

    They have Candy Tree Gluten Free Raspberry Licorice Twists in the April box.