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Green Giant Giveaway

Corice and red pepper

Who loves veggies?  We love veggies!

At the store, Corice asks me for all sorts of wonderful things in the vegetable aisle, like bell peppers and broccoli.  Then random ladies stare at us like we’re crazy.  Yes, people, some children actually like vegetables.
And yes, it was super bright outside the other day when I took this picture of Corice and her red bell pepper that she had begged to get.  🙂

Green Giant loves their veggies, too.  They also want to make a difference, A Green Giant Giant Difference.  They know that eating vegetables is good for a healthy body and for healthy weight.  I know that when I’m making good choices with my vegetables, I feel better about my weight.  When I forget my vegetables, that’s when I tend to eat more of the not-so-good-for-my-love-handle foods.

Did you know that Green Giant has 27 varieties that are under 100 calories?  The portion sizes are bigger than you might think, too.


Green Giant wants to help you make a difference.  So, to get you going on a healthier eating plan, they are offering one prize to a Delightfully Gluten Free reader.  The prize will include some coupons for free Green Giant boxed veggies, as well as a cool gym bag, a health and fitness journal, and a really neat water bottle (instead of an inner tube for ice, it has one with holes that you can put fruit or herbs in to flavor your water).

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post about how you like to add veggies to make your diet healthier, or, if you’re not already, how you think you might add them in to your diet.  For instance, we put tons of veggies on our pizzas!

The giveaway will remain open until 9:00 p.m. central on Sunday, October 27, 2013.


Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Green Giant® through MyBlogSpark.






21 responses to “Green Giant Giveaway”

  1. Bethany Avatar

    I love to load up my recipes with veggies! Or just eat them by themselves – roasted, steamed, sauteed, grilled. My kids love to eat bell peppers plain or dipped in in hummus. Some of our favorites are asparagus, sweet potatoes and all the fun fall squash. 🙂

  2. Jessie C. Avatar
    Jessie C.

    I like to add veggie in to smoothie.

  3. livivua Avatar

    i like to add vegetables to my kids juices. I use a juicer to juice the vegetable then add with shelf juice products

  4. Michelle Avatar

    I like to use lots of veggies to make fried rice or pasta primavera.

  5. Wild Orchid Avatar
    Wild Orchid

    I love to make a huge pot of veggie soup every week. This makes for a healthy snack/meal.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  6. Jessica Avatar

    I love veggies!!! For breakfast, lunch and dinner..from smoothies or broccoli/potatoes with hummas for breakfast..veggie loaded salads or soups for yummy curries or roasted veggies for dinner..i will take them all and all the time!!

  7. soha molina Avatar
    soha molina

    I add veggies to my pasta.

  8. Wehaf Avatar

    I have veggies with every meal. I put them in omelettes, sauces, soups, casseroles, you name it!

  9. Sharon Avatar

    i add spices and herbs to veggies to help with bland flavors. i love garlic and onion, jerk spice, Italian herb blends, and fresh ground sea salt

  10. rod jackson Avatar
    rod jackson

    I make lots of vegetable soup and always serve a fresh fruit and relish tray
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

  11. Debra Lee Avatar
    Debra Lee

    I put them in my rice in the steamer. Gives it so much more flavor!
    Ddebra33 at gmail dot com

  12. Elizabeth Miller Avatar

    We have a little one that is also crazy for any kind of peppers, she squeals when she sees watermelon, eats fruit and veggies above her main meal items. What a blessing. I love to fill up omelets with all kinds of available veg, sometimes leftovers from last night. How could someone not love vegetables?

  13. rachel Avatar

    I try to make our side dishes full of veggies, especially green ones like broccoli.

  14. Madeline Avatar

    I add spinach or kale to smoothies. You can’t even tell it’s there!

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      Congratulations, Madeline. You are our winner!

  15. Desiree H Avatar
    Desiree H

    I saw a really cool idea on TV last night. They have a kitchen tool to make pasta noodles out of zucchini or squash. It is a healthier alternative than the high carb pasta noodles! You then put the sauce and whatever meat you like on top (like meatballs).
    I think Im going to try this!

  16. Katie Avatar

    I try to add them in whenever I can. Into mac and cheese, in casseroles, stir fries with chicken…the possibilities are endless!

  17. Sheri Kennard Avatar
    Sheri Kennard

    I just found out that I am gluten intolerant 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat. I was also told to stop drinking pop, so I am trying to drink more water.

  18. Jaclyn Reynolds Avatar
    Jaclyn Reynolds

    We like adding veggies on our pizzas and in omelettes in the morning.

  19. Denise Condran Avatar
    Denise Condran

    Having Celiac Disease, I primarily shop the ‘outskirts’ of the stores, where all the fresh foods are, which means I buy loads of fresh veggies. I incorporate veggies in my childrens lunches every day, which they love, and in our family dinner daily as well, whether it be as a side dish, salad, stew, soup, fresh veggie tray with dip, the list goes on and on! My favourite thing to do is to grow our own vegetables in our backyard, that way my children can learn to grow their own, and we know where our own food comes from. I also mix veggies into muffins, cakes, i.e.) zucchini cake, smoothies, etc… As well as feeding pumpkin to my dogs for a healthy GI tract.

  20. Shawna Avatar

    I like to add veggies to scrambled eggs, polenta bowls, and to crepes – so good!