Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Cappello’s Grain-Free Pasta and Cookie Dough

Growing up, pasta came in two forms to my house: dried spaghetti and dried macaroni.  Boy, have my horizons expanded.  🙂

We recently received some samples from Cappello’s of their grain-free pasta and chocolate chip cookie dough.  Both are made with almond flour.  Luckily for Braden, he was able to eat both.

Cappello's Pasta

Braden said “This is pretty good pasta.  It’s good cold and by itself.”  After tasting the pasta, I added some pesto and fresh parmesan to mine (the pesto was awaiting a chance such as this for me to finish it off).

Thick, kind of buttery tasting.  It only takes 45 seconds to cook after the water boils, and feels like you’re eating a fancy restaurant pasta.  The pasta is much more filling than it looks.  I couldn’t finish my helping.

Cappello's Cookie Dough


The cookie dough comes ready-to-slice.

Cappello's Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cookies have a crispy bottom and very thin “crust.”  Soft and chewy insides with huge chunks of chocolate await you.  These cookies have a great flavor and sometimes you taste the sea salt, which gives the cookie a bit more sophistication.  They taste like cookies with nuts without the annoyance (at least to me) of chunks of nuts.

Carter: “mmm, yummy”

Braden said they are soft and slightly oily, and have a good amount of chocolate.  Martin said they were soft and chewy and held together really well while he dipped them in milk.

I’d say give them a try (especially if you are avoiding grains)!

Cappello’s would like to share this infographic with you:

Cappellos Infographic