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Crunchies Grapes

Crunchies Grapes Pkg

“Freeze dried grapes?”  Yes, Carter, there are freeze dried grapes.

Crunchies recently sent me a sample of their new freeze dried grapes.  My first bite: astounding.  There is SO MUCH grape flavor in these!  They are super sweet, too, but all it is is grapes.

Crunchies Grapes contain only 3-4% of the grapes water content (which is unnoticeable to us), but contain an average 90% of the fruits nutrients (compared to 45% of dried fruits).  Carter says “they are super super crunchy and taste like candy, but better than candy.”  Have you mixed up grape juice from concentrate and licked the concentrate?  It’s kind of like that.

Even though they’re crunchy, they are not hard to eat.  The grapes dry with tiny air pockets all over, so they break down in your mouth fairly easily.

You’ve got to try these yourself, as they are really not like anything I’ve had before.

Raisins only wish they could be Crunchies Grapes.

Crunchies Grapes