Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Dancing Deer Brownies

Sometimes, you need a little chocolate “pick-me-up.”  Yesterday, as I drove back down to my parents’ house, I experienced that.  Luckily, I’d stuck a Dancing Deer Brownie up front with me.

I’ve had a good few days with my Dad, and am happy to be here helping out.  He doesn’t want to be left alone, but he’s picky about who he’ll be alone with.  I make the short list.  🙂

I’ve also mostly ripped up my hands while vanquishing the evil demon tree weed, while wearing gloves (I’m not exaggerating at all when I tell you this small twig of a weed had a tap root with a two-inch diameter and roots extending 6 feet or more in all directions).  I, however, showed it who’s boss.

I deserve a brownie.

Dancing Deer Brownie

Ah, yeah.  That’s the stuff.

Dancing Deer Brownies are pre-made, certified gluten-free brownies that just. make. you . melt.  They have dry tops and bottoms, but moist, fudgy centers.  The tops are papery, the middle very dense and black, with chunks of chocolate to crunch (at least when they are cold out of the fridge, like I’ve been eating them).

Carter says “mmmmmmm… VERY yummy.”

My mom, who declared she had to try it ONLY because it was for the blog.  “That was an excellent brownie,” said she.

Dancing Deer does make non-gf products, but the gluten-free brownie is produced in a way that it stays gluten-free.

I received samples from Dancing Deer Brownie with the option to blog about if I so chose.