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Category: 2011 Expo West

  • Wolfgang Puck Signature Tortilla Soup and Coupon

    Canned soup is generally relegated to the “I only eat when I’m sick” category, because they’re just generally not that tasty, in my opinion. But when I tasted Wolfgang Puck’s Signature Tortilla soup, my first thought was “this tastes like it came from a restaurant.”  Indeed, it was modeled after soups that Wolfgang Puck serves […]

  • Gluten-Free with Tenley Molzahn

    Have you ever watched the tv show The Bachelor?  I admit, I have not.  So I had no idea who I was headed to meet at the Kinnikinnick booth at Expo West. Tenley Molzahn, a former dancer and contestant on The Bachelor, told me that after years of being sick and seeing tons of doctors […]

  • Kettle Cuisine Thai Curry Chicken Soup

    A couple of weeks ago, I received some Thai Curry Chicken Soup from Kettle Cuisine.  I had only briefly heard about them before that.  In preparing for Expo West, I “met” a couple of their lovely people on twitter.  Then I got to meet them in person at Expo West! So this Thai Curry soup… […]

  • Expo West 2011

    In some ways, there are no words to describe Expo West.  Cynthia and Channon, and various companies, had told me about the insanity that is the Natural Products Expo, but I just didn’t get it until I was there. The Gluten Free Certification Organization booth was down in the basement, otherwise known as the Hot […]

  • Expo West 2011

    I don’t believe in dieting (for weight loss).  I believe in generally eating healthy, and just being careful how much you eat and how often you’re eating the treats. After Expo West, I think I’m going to believe in dieting, at least for a week or two. It is just crazy, the sheer volume of […]