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Category: Braden-Friendly

  • New Puddings from Kozy Shack

    Raise your hand if you love tapioca pudding! My children and I love pudding.  Specifically, we love Kozy Shack‘s tapioca pudding and rice pudding.  We were really grateful when school started and found that Braden could still eat them. We recently received some samples of new puddings from Kozy Shack.  My kids were super excited […]

  • Mini Pops

    It’s a bird… It’s a plane…  No, it’s teeny tiny popcorn (minus the corn). It’s Mini Pops popped sorghum! Except for it’s teeny tiny size, it really does look and taste like popcorn. That is actually Braden’s hand.  He’s ten, and has hands the size of mine (actually, his are now a bit bigger; I have […]

  • Hot Chocolate for Braden

    Sometimes, just wishing out loud (or in print) for something makes it come true.  Well, when it comes to sharing our knowledge, that is. On my post about Hey Shuga! and Lil’ Shuga!, I mentioned that I was going to look into hot chocolate recipes for Braden, since we have to avoid wheat, corn, soy, […]

  • Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water

    There is always something new around the bend. I recently received some samples of Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water from the company.  The closest thing I’ve ever seen to this before was coconut water, which I only had a brief sip of once. The Almond Water really is refreshing.  It is pretty sweet, with 30 grams […]

  • Hey Shuga!, Lil’ Shuga!

    Some people just have great timing.  Right before we moved, we received some samples of Hey Shuga! and Lil’ Shuga!  It was great timing, because right at the same time was when we found out about Braden’s allergies.  Bye, bye corn syrup (not that we used it much), hello organic sugar cane syrup. My first use […]