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  • New Crunchmaster Crackers!

    Crunchmaster is a very familiar name in our house.  Rarely is there a time when we do not have some of their crackers in our pantry. The first time I’d ever heard of them, my mom had come to me, very excited, with a box of gluten-free crackers she had found at Sam’s Club.  We […]

  • Delightful Pear Crisp

    My pear tree o’erfloweth.  Well, technically, it is my parents’ pear tree, but I’m the one who takes care of it. I decided to pick some pears yesterday for a friend of mine who is about to give birth to her 7th child.  I told her 12 year old daughter that a pear crisp would […]

  • Staying Fit with Yoplait and a Giveaway

    After I did the Betty Crocker reviews and giveaway, I was invited to participate in MyBlogSpark.  They send me stuff to review and giveaway.  And guess what – I’ve got a few things to give away.  And since I’m getting backed up on my giveaways, I’m not going to wait for the previous one to […]

  • Enchiladas and Strawberry Shortcake

    I haven’t spent much time in the kitchen the last couple of months (as you may have realized due to the lack of recipe postings).  My older brother and his family moved down here at the end of May.  I figure if Melissa (my sister-in-law) is making dinner on a night that Andy is at […]

  • Recipes from Rebecca Reilly

    At our GIG meeting 2 weeks ago, we had the privilege to learn from cookbook author Rebecca Reilly. Rebecca is a classically-trained chef.  Scroll past the recipes to read her bio. Rebecca was kind enough to share some recipes with us and also allow me to share them with you, too.  Thank you, Rebecca! Don’t […]