Return of the Peanut Noodles

If you’ve been hanging out with me a long while, you may recall the Ode to My Peanut Noodles, wherein I expressed my deep concern that my favorite peanut noodles were no longer gluten-free.  Shortly thereafter, I received a reply from the company, which greatly relieved my sadness.

Well, Happy Day!  While shopping at Wally World today, I glanced in at A Taste of Thai peanut noodles, and what did I see?  Gluten-free is back on the side of the box.  Now, there was still a non-gf box on the shelf, but I found 2 that were gf.  Also, the pad thai are now gluten-free (they never were before).  These are great meals to take with you, because all you need is a bit of water, a microwave, and some kind of eating utensil (I prefer a fork, myself).

So seek out the new boxes, and enjoy, my friends.  Long live the peanut noodles!

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