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  • 10-Minute Pizza

    We make tortilla pizzas often around here, but I’ve never thought to put steak on them before.  Enjoy this guest post/recipe from cibo verde. LA-based Paolo Mascitti, celebrity trainer, lifestyle expert and founder of cibo verde, a meal delivery system that caters to customers’ body calculations to help them reach their weight goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. […]

  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide: Quinoa Cookbook

    Do you have a trick to help you through busy times?  Do you apply the “budget” process to other areas of your life besides money? I certainly do.  My students (and the other teaching fellows) think I have such a crazy, impossible life.  They don’t even know about the blogging.  🙂  I have to budget […]

  • Muffin Tin Chef

    Have you ever had some piece of kitchen equipment that you thought you should use more often?  I have.  Heck, I’ve even got kitchen equipment I’ve never used. I recently received a copy of Muffin Tin Chef from the publishers, and found that the author, dietitian Matt Kadey, had a similar experience.  His began as […]

  • Mom’s Organic Pasta Sauce and Manicotti Recipe

    Have you ever gotten stuck in a rut with your pasta?  We have our standby favorites, but we try to rotate through them.  I’m also constantly adding different things to my jarred sauces. I recently received a jar of Mom’s Organic Traditional Pasta Sauce to taste and possibly review. Even just looking at this jar, […]

  • New Crunchmaster Crackers!

    Crunchmaster is a very familiar name in our house.  Rarely is there a time when we do not have some of their crackers in our pantry. The first time I’d ever heard of them, my mom had come to me, very excited, with a box of gluten-free crackers she had found at Sam’s Club.  We […]