Food Should Taste Good

Mom and I took a trip to Costco yesterday, and nearly bought half the store between us. I was going to have her drive, but then decided I’d better take the Tahoe since I was stocking up on a few things so that I would be ready for these last 8 weeks and a little beyond. Good thing, as we had the back packed, and some stuff under the kids’ feet. We would have not been able to pack half of that stuff in the trunk of Mom’s Accord.

As we were wandering down the cracker/chip aisle, we passed these Multi-Grain chips. I saw the brand, Food Should Taste Good, and thought it sounded familiar. Mom proclaimed they were her favorite chips, so I grabbed a bag for her. When suddenly, I realized why they seemed familiar. On the box that the bags were sitting in was a sign –

Oh sweet words! These chips are certified through the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, run by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America. Can you tell I was excited? So I bought myself a bag.

The picture of the chip is about the actual size, give or take a little (unless you have a very large or very small screen, lol). A serving size is 10 chips, and is (for my purposes) 15 grams of carbs (18 – 3 for fiber). 15 grams is what I’m supposed to have for snacks, so I was extra excited to have these available for snack time.

These are excellent chips. A little salty, and yet, a little sweet sometimes. They say on the bag that they believe that the flavor should be in the chips and not on them. Well, I think they did a pretty good job with that.

Food Should Taste Good currently has 3 other certified gf chips:

A chocolate tortilla chip? Count me in. Next time I hit Whole Foods, HEB, or Sprouts, I’m going in search of these!

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