Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Lower Carb Pizza Crust

Which, of course, means I can eat more.

I’ve been making Roben Ryberg’s corn and rice-based pizza crust for over a year now.  I decided to be a little different tonight and make the rice-only version and use brown rice flour.  A carb difference of 10 grams a slice (if sliced into 12 pieces, 15 grams carbs and 5 (or 6-1 fiber), respectively).  Yeah, that means more pizza for me, and/or fruit with dinner (we had pluots tonight).

I really liked the brown rice crust.  I wish I had a pizza stone, then maybe the bottom of the crust would have crisped up a bit.  Mine got a little too damp as it sat, but that had a lot to do with all the peppers I had on it (I used 2/3 of 3 large peppers – green, red, and yellow).  We had to use our forks, but that’s okay.  I’m usually the only one who picks it up like a slice anyways (which is odd, actually).

Next time, I’ll be a little more conservative with the Pam spray.  I was paying more attention to the large knife that Andy kept swinging around while he was talking (he was supposed to be chopping the peppers, lol).  And maybe one day I’ll get a pizza stone…






2 responses to “Lower Carb Pizza Crust”

  1. Tyrailia Avatar

    You HAVE a pizza stone silly!
    It’s just not at your house yet. 😉

    LOVE YA!

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Instead of a pizza stone, just pick up some unglazed quarry tiles from a place like Home Depot. I have 6 of them (each 6″x6″) on the bottom rack of my oven. And they were only 60 cents each! Talk about low commitment! Thanks for the recipes and reviews – I’m newly diagosed with a wheat allergy and REALLY missing pizza!