Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Kinnikinnick Cinnamon-Apple Donuts

What says “I love you, Valentine”, like a donut with pink frosting?  How about a donut with pink frosting, that almost everyone can eat?

That’s right.  Kinnikinnick currently has a special Valentine’s donut, available (online only) until February 28th.

We were pretty stoked when these showed up.   Braden and I were the only ones that got to try them (Corice put herself to bed at 5pm that night, and Carter refused to eat his dinner).  It seems to be a theme lately – Braden and I eating dessert by ourselves.

Braden’s comments were: “good texture, lightly glazed, and slippery” (remember, he’s not even 9 yet, so the slippery comment makes sense).

We first tried ours at room temperature, just after they arrived.  They were fine then, but when warmed, they got moist (and even yummier).  The apple cinnamon flavor is very light.  I don’t know if I would be able to pick out the apple part of the flavor if I didn’t know it existed.  But they are very tasty, and really cute, too.  We found them to be fun to eat.

As far as donuts go, these really aren’t too bad, fat-wise.  They have less fat than the vanilla Kinnikinnick donuts.  Definitely not health food, but I can still convince myself that they aren’t too bad…

Go ahead and check them out.  Remember, they are only available online, and only until February 28th.

Now, if you want some chocolate for Valentine’s Day, head over to the Kinnikinnick blog.  They’ve got a contest going.  They’re going to give away a box full of chocolate – one of everything that is chocolate (chocolate donuts, KToos, chocolate cake mix, etc).  Sounds like more fun!