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Lunch on the Run

Have you ever been away from home and hungry? Perhaps you don’t know the area you are in or don’t feel comfortable eating out.

I always advocate having food with you (in a purse, backpack, or briefcase). However, the contents of my purse last week consisted of various Hershey’s kisses and fruit snacks. Not exactly a healthy lunch for a mommy and two little boys.
After shopping (while quite aways from home), we stopped in at a grocery store to go to the bathroom and get some lunch. We got a bag of Calidad tortilla chips, some sliced cheese, and some thin-sliced, pre-packaged turkey (we also bought some napkins, but we needed them at home anyways). We spent under $10 (pretty reasonable for an adult and 2 kids). After we started eating them, Braden said “Hey! This is just like a lunchable!” Yes, my dear, that’s what Mommy was going for. It went over well, filled us up (with lots of chips to spare, and we left the extra meat at the fire station when we stopped to see Andy – but we wouldn’t have had extra if the store had had the little packages of Buddig meats).

While the chips do tend to get little bits on you when you bite into them, it is an otherwise non-messy meal in the car (except for Carter – but he actually works hard to become messy). Some variations: grab a bag of pre-washed, fresh spinach (you can even skip the tortilla chips) or prepared salad greens; experiment with different meats and cheeses. How about roast beef and mozzarella cheese wrapped around a sun-dried tomato?

If you can get to a grocery store, you no longer have an excuse to go hungry. Life is good (it just takes a little bit of work and creativity).






  1. Gluti Girl Avatar
    Gluti Girl

    I’ve done this same thing before! Hey, it’s way better than cc anyday! Great minds think alike 🙂

  2. Katie Avatar

    I hate the thought of being away from home and going hungry! I try to keep little snacks with me all the time but often run out and forget to re-fill! That is a great idea and I agree that there is no excuse to go hungry! I will keep this idea in mind for later time 🙂

  3. Cassandra Avatar

    It’s nice to “meet” you Katie.

  4. Lea Ray Avatar
    Lea Ray

    I try to have Yogo bites in my purse. They are not always filling but they can take the edge off when you are really hungry. And they are tasty. If my husband and I are taking a road trip then we always have cheese and pepperoni. It’s something that we both enjoy.