Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

PranaBar and Boomi Bar

Have you ever had a cold or allergies, and all you could taste was chalk?  Yuck.  I had this fickle issue off and on for about three weeks.  It’s a little hard to do reviews or even cook when that is going on.

But I’ve been better for a bit now, and am ready to get blogging again.  I hope you’ve missed me… I’ve missed you.  🙂

I thought many of you would like to know that Braden will be in the spelling bee this Friday.  He and a girl from his class were the only 3rd graders at his school that qualified.  I’m pretty pleased with him, if you can’t tell.

Divine Foods sent me a sample of their PranaBar and Boomi Bar.  My kids (and my husband) have been bugging me to let them eat the bars since they showed up in the mail.  I had to play my “it’s for the blog” card, since there wasn’t enough to go around.  🙂

Boomi Bars have made frequent appearances in my house.  They are basically fruit and nut bars, with some crispies inside, giving them a little something extra.  I got to try the Apricot Cashew flavor, which contains only: cashews, apricots, honey, dates, crisped rice, amaranth, apples, natural apricot flavor, and salt.  It is plenty sweet, without having a sugary taste.  The cashews provide a little crunch (but not a hard crunch, because cashews aren’t hard, lol), and the crispies have a bit of a crackle.  They are tasty, and quite helpful after a hard workout or when you’re strapped for time or food.

The PranaBar, on the other hand, was new to me.  I had seen them before, but never had a chance to try one, until I was sent this Coconut Acai PranaBar.  When I first looked at the package, I must admit, I did not have very high hopes.  It has a lot of wording about the characteristics and benefits of the bar, and, in the past, I have been pretty displeased with some of the raw vegan foods I have tried.  I was pleasantly surprised, though, by the Coconut Acai PranaBar.  It kind of reminds me of a coconut macaroon, smooshed up with a bit of dates (the date flavor is not very bold).
I have a very strange desire to dip it in chocolate…  That would probably be counterproductive to the health benefits of the bar.  8)

I’ll have to keep a watch for these so I can try other flavors.  Have you tried them?

By the way, I just signed up as an affiliate with Divine Foods (after I first posted this).  That means that if you take the link from one of these pictures (which are banner ads), and you purchase something from the PranaBar store, then I get a little cut of the sale.  It doesn’t cost you anything more than it would normally.