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Cheesy Chowder Soup – Mixes from the Heartland

It was snowing again in Texas, a strange occurrence, indeed.  What better dinner is there to have on a cold, snowy day than a soup, stew, or chowder?

For dinner last night, we chose a mix sent to us by Mixes from the Heartland, a Cheesy Chowder Soup.  All it took was boiling some chicken broth and a little butter, stirring in the mix (a little more boiling/simmering), adding some processed cheese (Velveeta) and milk, and some more simmering and stirring.  (Interestingly, I cannot find this mix on their website.)

I set Braden to work stirring (after adding the Velveeta) while I prepared some cupcakes.  🙂

With the exception of Corice, who, once again, wouldn’t eat anything, the vote was unanimous.

“Mmmmm, this is good” said Braden.

“I like it” said Andy.

“And me, too” said Carter.

It had a good flavor and made for a fun dinner.  I had planned to tell you that you could add some more diced potatoes and carrots for a thicker, heartier soup, but it was actually quite filling as it was.

Braden thought it should be called Cheesy Choop (for chowder/soup).

It was a definite hit for the family.

As for Corice, she’ll probably slurp down some of the leftovers.  She’s recently had a very big week.  Last week, at her insistence, she started wearing big girl panties on Sunday.  It’s quite the learning experience, but she’s getting better at it.  On Monday, she turned 17 months old.  Friday, we took away the rail and turned her crib into a toddler bed.  She even added a whole bunch of new words last week, like panties and cracker.  It was a proud week, though a little tough at times.