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Hello Everyone!

As Cassandra told you, I will be here guest blogging for the next few days while she is out of town.This means I have the blog all to myself… MWAH HA HAA HA HA! Ok, I’ll stop my evil laughing now. My posts might be a bit short since I am a graduate student spending most of my time right now grading students’ papers, studying for a rheology final exam, and working on my research.

Tonight’s post is a review of the brand Gluten Free Beauty’s fabulous make up and skin products, inspired by my dear friend Lauren AKA the Celiac Diva’s latest blog post on gluten-free beauty products.

Gluten Free Beauty is the brainchild of Kristen Campbell who is a natural beauty expert and one of the founders of Gluten Free Fox. I was first introduced to her products through talking to her on Twitter. For years I had used mainstream beauty and skin care products and was continually frustrated with having to call companies and read long confusing ingredient lists on every product I wore. Last fall when I was doing a “Handmade Challenge” for six months where I attempted to purchase as many of my clothing and beauty items as possible from independent artisans, I took the plunge and ordered a set of her lip tints and I have been raving about how wonderful these products are ever since.

As I mentioned before, my favorite product from Gluten Free Beauty has to be the Lip and Cheek Tint. I have struggled with finding lip color in a shade other than neutral that was flattering to my skin tone for many years and when I tried the Fire Engine red color from Gluten Free Beauty it was love at first sight.

Natural Lip and Cheek TintOne of my favorite aspects of this product is that you have so much versatility, you can put on different layers or combinations of colors to intensify colors while also using it as a light cheek tint.

Another one of my favorites from Gluten Free Beauty is the Natural Anti-Aging Foundation Set. I am very pale (which I am quite proud of), and the light color option was perfect for my skin tone. With this foundation set you get a cream foundation to apply first and a setting powder foundation. It provides great coverage without leaving  your face feeling oily or with a sticky thick sheen. Natural Anti-Aging Foundation Set


If you are interested in getting sample sizes of these products Gluten Free Beauty has a great deal right now on this Limited Edition Sample Set that lets you try out a range of their newest products. Limited Edition Sample KitThis set would also be a great last minute Mother’s Day Gift for those still looking for the perfect item for their favorite gluten-free mom!

Anyways, I have survived my first post! Woo! Thanks to everyone for putting up with my lackluster blogging skills (only a few more days till Cassandra returns I promise).