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Cosmic Ray’s, Magic Kingdom

Cosmic Ray’s, Magic Kingdom

While in Orlando for the GIG conference, a number of us went to Disney World (it’s almost a requirement, right?). Tara (a GIG leader in the Houston area), Peter (from the GIG office), Forrest (from GF Harvest – formerly Gluten-Free Oats), and I headed to The Magic Kingdom one night.





Essentially, we chose that park because it was open later than the others (we didn’t get a chance to go until the evening) and Forrest really wanted to go on Space Mountain. 🙂

Samantha, the manager at Cosmic Ray's (in the Magic Kingdom), hooked us up with a big feast o' gluten-free food.



We decided to check out Cosmic Ray’s, across from Space Mountain, to see about getting a gluten-free dinner. The manager came out to talk to us, and we were well-assured by her knowledge and ordered a little smorgasbord for ourselves.






A bacon cheeseburger, hot dog, Philly cheesesteak, rotisserie chicken breast with mashed potatoes and green beans, and a whole bunch of French fries later, and we were all set. The manager even kept tabs on the allergen dinner the whole time.

Forrest was really excited about all that food. 🙂

Did you see the buns? Yes, they even had gf buns. They definitely are not my favorite brand, but they had some, which is pretty cool. It was also pretty great being able to order French fries, not something a celiac can often do safely.

As for the park itself, Space Mountain is pretty great, and Splash Mountain is fun, but I wouldn’t choose to spend all my time there. It is mostly shops and they are forever having parades. It’s probably the most fun for the little kids.

Sara and the rest of the gang headed to Sanaa for dinner again that night.  Disney World truly does seem to be a great place for those with gluten intolerance or food allergies.




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