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Hatch Chile Chips from Food Should Taste Good

Fridays are especially rough days, dinner-wise, for us, since I put the boys in karate a few weeks ago. Today, I was so busy working that I forgot to prepare our picnic dinner for the park. We ended up at Grandma’s house.
Now, in our family, we believe in having a fully stocked pantry at all times. Today, I was super excited to find a bag of Food Should Taste Good Hatch Chile chips. I didn’t even know these existed!
My first chip, I didn’t find to be spicy at all. However, after a few chips, I definitely noted the heat. It’s not a lot, but it is enough to make you take notice.
These slightly salty chips capture the Hatch Chile flavor well. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, you’ll get one that burns your throat just a little. 🙂
I will definitely buy some of these when Corice and I head to Costco tomorrow. I bet these would be great with some queso!