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Take Action – Gluten Free Drug Labeling

I want to share this email I received from the Gluten Intolerance Group:

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Labeling Gluten in Drug Products – Your Help is Needed by May 8!

Celiac disease involves more than just dietary changes for life. Medications must also be evaluated for their gluten content. Many pharmaceuticals have an additional filler called an “excipient” to make a particular dosage form of the drug. These fillers are often made from corn, potato, and tapioca.

However, some are derived from wheat. The majority of drug manufacturers do not clearly label their products or packaging with information regarding the gluten content of their drug.

Labeling gluten in drug products is almost a reality. We need your help now!

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan and New York Congresswoman Nita Lowey have introduced legislation that will require drug manufacturers to label the source of drugs’ inactive ingredients. This is huge!

To move the bill ahead we need bipartisan cosponsors by May 8!

All five of the national celiac organizations are united in support of this legislation.

We need our congressional members to have that same shared voice and put forward a bipartisan message: The safety of our constituents matters. Gluten in medicine must be labeled so individuals and their healthcare providers can make an informed, safe choice.

Take action now.

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