Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Cup4Cup Pizza Crust Mix

If you know much about us, you know we love pizza.  My husband has some very deep need for it.  🙂  When I make pizza, I make a lot.

I recently received a Pizza Crust Mix from Cup4Cup.  I had to make this one while the kids were gone because it has corn, but that just meant more for Martin.

I was pleasantly surprised by the mix.  It was super easy to prepare and it actually rolled out.  And it rolled out easily.  And it didn’t stick to any surfaces!

I’m not lying.

I could actually pick it up off my Tupperware pie crust mat and transfer it to a pizza sheet… without it tearing.  I was a little amazed.

After baking, it had a nice, crispy outside with a bready layer inside.  The crust wasn’t thick, since I made two pizzas like the directions stated (I’m not really a fan of thick crust, so it worked well for me).  It had a taste of a nice yeast bread.  It made for quite an excellent crust.DSC_0016

If I try one of these again, I will probably make a cheesy crust pizza.  It would definitely work with this dough!