Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Dei Fratelli Condensed Tomato Soup and Three Bakers Bread

It’s a two-for-one special here today on reviews, because what goes better with tomato soup than a grilled cheese sandwich?

Three Bakers Bread and Dei Fratelli Soup

Condensed Tomato SoupDo you see that?  It’s a gluten-free CONDENSED tomato soup!  Some of you might not think it’s a big deal, but I know some people that will be running-to-the-bathroom-crazy-excited.  No, really.

I never really knew this because I grew up in a minimalist kind of family, at least when it came to food, but there is a whole population of people who don’t know how to cook anything without a can of some kind of condensed soup.  I clearly remember someone joining our local support group and saying that just about everything her mother taught her to cook involved condensed soup.  She was so distraught because there were NO condensed gf soups at the time.

A few months ago (yes, that long – I hang my head in shame), I received a sample of this, the first gluten-free condensed tomato soup on the market, from Dei Fratelli.

Corice said “it’s really good!”  It’s been a long time (a decade, basically) since I had any of Campbell’s soups, but it somewhat tastes like I sort of remember.  In other words, I have no idea.  However, it has a great, rich flavor and that smooth sipping goodness that makes you go mmmm.

WholeGrainWhiteThreeBakersAbout a month ago, I received some samples from Three Bakers.  Usually, I like to try bread products as soon as they come so that I can get an idea of how they react off-the-shelf.  However, it was a very hot day (over 100 degrees), the box was sitting in the sun, I had no idea how long it had been there, and I barely had time to take care of things before running back out the door to class (47 days to graduation!, but who’s counting?).  So the bread went straight into the freezer (it had been quite warm and I was a bit worried about it).

Upon defrosting, the bread was…bread-like.  Woot!  Soft and pliable, not dry or crumbly.  The Whole Grain White Bread tastes like white bread and holds together really well.  All I could get from Carter was a “Yum!” as he stuffed his face with his grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

Three Bakers also has a 7 Grain bread for those of you who like to get a little more serious with your bread and even a Rye Style bread if you’re missing that special flavor.

Check these guys out and enjoy a nice sandwich and soup lunch with someone you love. 🙂