Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Tastefully Simple Beer Bread Mix

You know how important it is to use the right temperature when baking?  Well, to get to the right temperature, sometimes you need to not be talking when you set the oven.

My bad.

Here’s a little story about a great bread that came pre-toasted…because I set the oven temp too high.

I recently received a sample of Tastefully Simple Gluten-Free Beer Bread Mix.  Don’t fret, my abstaining friends, you can use any carbonated beverage, not just gluten-free beer.  I pondered and pondered what to use.  Lemon-lime soda?  Orange?  Cherry?  This time, however, I stuck with a boring club soda so I could more fully appreciate the bread.  Maybe next time I get my hands on this mix, I’ll be adventurous.

As previously mentioned, I was talking to my husband (who was putting polyurethane on the floors) and not paying attention to the oven temperature.  The bread came out great, though a little burnt on the outside (which is what happens to everything that enters my toaster, so I’m used to it).

Tastefully Simple Beer Bread


But look at that gorgeous crumb inside!  The bread tastes excellent (even using boring club soda).  There’s just a hint of sweetness, and whey protein concentrate that gives it a bit of a milky/creamy kick.

It’s really easy to make.  All you need is a bowl, a whisk, a bread pan, some water, one egg, and possible some melted butter to drizzle on top.  For those who enjoy the baking soda/vinegar-style science fair volcanoes, you just might like the reaction you get when you add your carbonated beverage to the mix.

Science, fun, and tastiness.  Awesome.

This is Tastefully Simple’s new foray into gluten-free foods.  Other new gluten-free products include a fudgy brownie mix, cinnamon apple cake mix, and a vanilla bean pound cake mix.  I’m looking forward to finding and trying their other products.