Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Toufayan Wraps

A new standard in tortilla wraps has been set.

I recently received some samples from Toufayan Bakeries of their gluten-free wraps (tortillas).  They come in Original, Garden Vegetable, Savory Tomato, and Spinach.

What is our biggest complaint with gluten-free wraps/tortillas?  They fall apart, right?  They can’t hold up to the rigors of a burrito.  Well, no longer is that a problem.

I want to show you this first burrito because of what I did to it.  The first time I tried one of these wraps, I did not warm it at all.  I took it straight out of the box off my front porch.  I was so surprised at how pliable it was!  You’ll notice a little tearing in the picture.  My burrito-wrapping skills are not that great, and I must have stuffed that corner in 5 times before I gave up and took the picture (it tore the 5th time).  I always put way too much in the tortilla.

Toufayan Original Gluten-Free WrapsThe flavors are all great but not overpowering.  Each one adds a subtle difference to your food.  Now, I probably wouldn’t put a dessert in the Garden Vegetable (tortilla shown below), but it won’t make too much difference which one you use with a taco or burrito (especially if you have spicy meat or salsa).

Garden Vegetable

Once they’ve been in the freezer, all they need is a quick 20 seconds in the microwave and you’re good to go.  They don’t get hard, either (unless you’ve got them in closer to a minute because you’re being lazy and don’t want to create extra dishes by pre-warming everything else…).

These are hands down the best gluten-free tortillas/wraps I’ve had yet.  You will definitely want to give them a try.  Oh, oh… and they’re certified gluten-free so you don’t have to worry.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and/or Hanukkah (or Thanksgivukkah!).  I didn’t intend to drop off the internet-planet after graduation, but some de-stressing, cleaning, and loving on my children and husband was definitely in order.  The Princess and I had quite a bit of baking to do together.  Now my husband’s on me about taking care of the army of reviews waiting on the shelf…

Happy New Year from Master Cassandra (that’s me! 🙂 ) and the Smith family.

Cassandra Graduation0257