Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Way Better Snacks, Spicy Sriracha & Mustard Onion

Tortilla chips are a wonderful food.  Don’t you agree?

We recently received some samples of the new chips to the Way Better Snacks tortilla chips line.  Their tortilla chips are certified gluten-free, non-GMO, and they use sprouted grains to give you the health benefits of the seeds.  If you don’t know much about sprouted grains, check out the cute little video on their site (which my kids totally love).

Simply Spicy Sriracha are a little sweet with a little spice.  Corice said “they taste a little spicy to me and they are really good.”  Carter parroted the “really good,” and this came from the boy who said he wasn’t going to try them.  He’s actually stolen most of them off the plate while I was typing.  He did find one with a lot of spice.

Way Better Snacks

Mustard Onion has intrigued Corice.  Carter can taste the mustard and onions.  The mustard flavor is fairly faint, which is good for me since I don’t really like mustard.  It does make me want a burger, though.

We quickly polished off the bag of Spicy Sriracha (which isn’t too spicy).  They are just excellent.

If you’ve never tried Way Better Chips before, take a little chance on them.  🙂