Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: July 2008

  • Microwave Hamburger Buns

    I was recently alerted to this recipe by Carolyn on the Delphi Celiac forum. I’m not sure where it originally came from, but she found it on RecipeZaar. It is basically no-carb, which is great for my current predicament (failed first round of gestational diabetes testing). The RecipeZaar poster says it tastes like a whole-wheat […]

  • Salmon Spinach Salad

    I hope everyone in the U.S. had a wonderful Independence Day. (The salad was prettier before I mixed it up.) I failed my glucola test last week, and so I have been really worried about gestational diabetes (I will have a more thorough test this coming Wednesday).  I have basically been eating very low-carb to […]

  • Dr. Steve Wangen – Non-CD Gluten Intolerance

    Dr. Steve Wangen spoke on a very important topic at the GIG Conference, that of Testing for Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance. Many of you have a gluten intolerance that may not be Celiac Disease.  We are only just beginning to understand the differences, and have a long way to go. Cynthia Kupper and GIG also understand […]

  • Dr. Hottie, I Mean, Fasano

    No, I don’t have a crush on him, but I know women who do. 🙂 I told you awhile back that we would be auctioning off breakfast with Dr. Fasano at the GIG conference. Well, we did. It was a lot of fun watching (and participating in) the auction. The final bid – $875. Go, […]