Dear Starbucks, What Gives?

Dear Starbucks,

I really love your Valencia Orange Cake.  It is so fun to pop in to a Starbucks (they’re everywhere!) and pick up a fun, fruity, tasty cake.  It makes my day so bright and sunshiney.

So, what gives?  Why are you taking away my precious cake?  I heard about last night’s tweet, and how you are getting rid of the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake.  Not cool, Starbucks, not cool.

Replacing it with a Kind bar?  I mean, at least we can still get something.  But seriously, Starbucks, what’s the fun in that?  I can get a Kind bar anywhere, but where can I now get a Valencia Orange Cake?  And did I mention I loved it?  I’m sure I did.  An awesome gluten-free treat for under $2.00 – amazing.  Genius, even.

Yet, it appears the genius has left the building.

You have toyed with my emotions.  I’m disappointed in you, Starbucks.  Very disappointed.


Cassandra, who no longer has any reason to visit Starbucks


Let Starbucks know how you feel, too.

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