Happy Celiac Awareness Month!!

It’s May, and that means all things Celiac!  This is the month we tell everybody about us and we find new products to make our tummies happy.  And sometimes fat.  But happy.

Fear not, those of you who thought I died.  Between losing my father, getting pregnant and having a baby, teaching at the university, homeschooling, my mom trying to move…you get the point.  But I’m still alive, and Carter and Corice want me to get back to blogging.  Martin and Braden, too – they all love trying new stuff.  Especially when it’s sugary.

I want you to meet the newest member of the Delightfully Gluten Free team: miss Liberty Ann!


I know it’s a bit late, since she’s actually getting close to 5 months old, but better late than never, right?

I’ve actually had a number of emails come through with awesome sounding review opportunities, but I didn’t want to answer until I knew I could bring myself to sit down and write again.

Let’s start with a huge shout out to Glutino!  They had a bunch of cool products out for Christmas that I never got around to telling you about (candy cane yogurt pretzels, snowflake pancakes…).  Some of their cool new products include pretzel chips, buffalo pretzels, and salted caramel pretzels.

Say what?salted-caramel-pretzels

I guess I had been imagining something gooier, but these are basically the same texture as the chocolate or yogurt covered pretzels.

Have you ever eaten your way through a bag of butterscotch chips?  No?  Me, neither,  Not all the way, at least.  The flavor of these reminds me of somewhere between a caramel and butterscotch.  Maybe it’s the texture that does it, or the butteriness of the pretzels.  The salt on top really adds a new dimension to the flavor.

Corice didn’t pay attention to what I was giving her.  “The chocolate sort of tastes like caramel.”

“Want more.” speaketh my 3-year old niece Rozlynn.

Um, no.  This is my bag.  Get your own.  Or, more truthfully, I ate most of the bag within the last two weeks and only left enough to blog about.

Much like Braden and the peppermint ones.  He opened the bag without telling me.

He left me six.

Teenagers.  <Sigh>

Speaking of teenagers, did you know the Gluten Intolerance Group has created a new program called Generation GF for kids, teens, and young adults?  Check it out to help some young people in your life.


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Foster Farms Gluten-Free Corn Dogs and Giveaway

FF GF Corn Dogs“It smells like the state fair.”  That was Martin’s initial response to the Foster Farms gluten-free corn dogs warming up in the kitchen.  “They taste like it, too.”

Foster Farms has recently launched a certified gluten-free corn dog, and I’ve got to admit, these are the best I’ve ever had.  The cornbread portion is slightly sweet, firm enough to hold together, though with a great texture and crumb.

Braden was excited about the dog itself, as it is quite firm and stays on the stick.  We’ve had some in the past that fell apart or were so fatty that the cornbread part was soaked and nearly pudding-like.  Not so with these.  Carter and Corice are just in love.  We experienced a full week of “can we have corn dogs for lunch?”

They’re obviously fried, as they leave a bit of grease on the plate.  But that’s part of the appeal of corn dogs, isn’t it?  These are meant to be a great gluten-free substitute for a good “mainstream” corn dog, and that’s exactly what they are.

I’ve found these at my local Kroger, right alongside all of the other corn dogs.  It was a happy day for us.  If my freezers weren’t currently full, I’m sure my husband would have stocked up on these like crazy by now.  :)

Would you like to give these a try?  Foster Farms is offering a few vouchers for a free box of their gluten-free corn dogs to some lucky Delightfully Gluten Free readers.

First, go like the  Foster Farms Facebook page.  Then comment here about your love of corn dogs and/or state fair food (or something along those lines).  Since I’ve been a bit MIA lately (pregnancy troubles…), I’m giving you 2 weeks.  This giveaway ends at 9pm central on December 4th, 2014.  Enjoy your little bit of the state fair!

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Crispy Green Photo Contest

Crispy Green Photo Contest

Click on the photo above to be taken to the Crispy Green facebook contest page.

Don’t remember Crispy Green?  Read about them here.  You’ll certainly want your kids to have something a little less…Halloweeny…after Halloween.  :)


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Skinny Noodles

Skinny Noodles are my new best friend.Skinny Noodles

Awhile back, I failed my glucose tolerance test.  Ugh.  There’s only so much low-carb, high-protein quick meals a person can take (I’m not able to spend much time in the kitchen these days).  I received some samples from Skinny Noodles a few weeks ago and they have made me very happy indeed.

Skinny Noodles are shirataki noodles, made from an Asian root called konnyaku or konjac.  They are not only gluten-free, but also weight loss and diabetic friendly because they are low calorie and low carb with 0 fat.  They are quite filling, too, as I have had to share mine with the kids lately since the baby is taking up too much room.  :)

Skinny Noodles’ biggest drawback is that they smell kind of fishy.  But after you’ve rinsed them for a couple of minutes (and especially once you add some sauce or something), the smell disappears.

And no carbs!  They don’t cause my blood sugar to go up at all.  They are a firm noodle, not falling apart as you eat them.  They don’t have a lot of flavor to them, so they go well with just about anything.

Two days ago, I enjoyed (immensely) a wonderful, fast lunch with Skinny Noodles Spinach Fettucine, alfredo sauce, some leftover rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club, and some parmesan.  Oh, it was nice (and easy on my blood sugar!).  It took me less than 5 minutes to prepare, too.  Carter and Corice love them, also, though I mostly keep them for myself (hey, I’m the one watching my blood sugar).  They are one of the rare things I enjoy eating these days.

Skinny Noodles also come in Angel Hair, Macaroni, and “Rice” varieties.

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Veggie Lites Muffins

I started writing this post weeks ago, but wasn’t quite ready to “out” myself yet.  You see, the main reason I haven’t done almost any blogging lately is morning sickness…and then getting out of the groove.  Yes!  We are excited to announce the impending arrival of child #4 in December.  Corice is EXTREMELY excited that she is finally getting the sister she’s been asking for the last two years.  Martin is just beaming with pride and excitement all the time.  Braden and Carter are excited, too, though Carter is a bit bummed he’s not getting a baby brother.

So I’m going to try to get back into the groove, though now it will be hard because I have the whole “gestational diabetes” thing hanging over my head again (and I look and eat healthy!).

Thankfully, there are some good foods out there that are not only tasty, but won’t make my blood sugar go crazy.  Garden Lites Veggie Muffins have 5 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein in each muffin.  They do still have sugar (11g) and total carbs of 24g, but for a really tasty muffin, these are pretty great.

Veggie Lites Muffins


(This is what they look like after sitting in the freezer for 6 months and defrosting and refreezing at least once.)

Though you can’t taste the zucchini in the Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip muffins, you can see a little of it.  These have some oatmeal and a great flavor.  They’d make a great breakfast or snack.  Carter says “it tastes really good!”

Corice is seriously enjoying her blueberry oat muffin!  “Oh, these are soooo good.  Mmmm.  Mmmm.  Mmmm.”  Man, she doesn’t usually make noise like that.  She likes the blueberries and the little bits of veggies in it.  “It’s very nice.”  Carter likes the squishy blueberries. The oats give an nice chew to the muffin.

Corice thinks the Carrot Berry tastes like carrot cake, while Carter thinks it reminds him more of a pumpkin pie.  In truth, it’s kind of like a cross between the two.

These muffins are all light and fluffy and sometimes a bit extra moist (though that might be because they’ve been in my freezer for quite a few months, and someone had left the door open a crack one day during the summer).  They are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free.  And did I mention they’re tasty?

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