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Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts with “C”

It’s Christmastime, and that means it’s Cookie Time. Of course there will be loads of brownies, and there is already Daddy’s Peanut Brittle, and a few Orange Dreamsicle Cookies left in the freezer. But we need some special Christmas cookies. This post will have some tips for baking cookies. The actual recipes came from The Gluten-Free Kitchen by Roben Ryberg. I should have some recipes for other cookies in the next week or so.
Rolled Sugar Cookies:
1. Work with cold dough (if you are going to roll them out). Keep the dough in the fridge, and only take out small portions at a time.
2. Keep your rolling pin in the freezer when you are not using it. This helps prevent sticking, by keeping the dough cold.
3. Generously flour all your surfaces (with cornstarch or the flour mixture you are using, or even with powdered sugar – I’ve heard it works).
4. Roll the dough on parchment paper. This way, you can peel the parchment paper off the cut-outs, instead of peeling the cut-outs off the counter. But don’t be a cheapo – use a new sheet each time. Otherwise, it gets a build-up of wet flour on it.
5. Pay attention to your humidity. This time, I forgot this very important tip. It was very humid in my house the other day when I made these cookies (like 75%). Water condensed on my dough – it was not a pretty sight.
6. Use an easy shape for a cookie cutter. The reindeer’s legs are going to fall off (unless you are the wonder baker). I, personally, do not have enough patience for the silly reindeer. Braden wanted one, so I made him one (and only one).
7. If you do not have the “skills” to lift paper-thin dough and keep it in it’s shape (I certainly don’t – never have), then roll it out thicker. Say it with me – thick cookies are okay.
8. If, after making all the cookies, you are too tired to make your own icing, then don’t. Pillsbury will clearly label gluten ingredients. I haven’t yet seen one of their icings with gluten in it (and I think most are dairy free, too, including the cream cheese one).
9. Don’t use cold icing – it causes the cookies to break. Warm icing spreads real easily.
10. This one, I almost forgot, but it is important. After you have rolled out your dough, when you use the cookie cutters, peel away the excess dough as you go. Put the scraps in a bowl to go into the freezer (chills quicker). Remember, it is not one for the bowl, one for me. It is, in fact, one for the bowl, two for me. Sugar cookie dough is a gift – do not take it lightly. 🙂

Not specific to sugar cookies:
1. Get your favorite assistant to help you.
2. You can roll the dough into a log (in waxed paper) and put it in the freezer (in a freezer ziploc). Then you have cookie dough ready for you whenever you need/want it. Many cookie doughs can be sliced frozen, thus eliminating the job of rolling or balling, or whatever. Sugar cookies are still yummy in circles, too. Plus, if you are like me, this is about the only way to get small cookies.

I know you are all itching for your cookies, so get going! Enjoy this last picture of snickerdoodles.






  1. Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. Avatar
    Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D.

    YUM. Did I see a snickerdoodle in that batch?

    You are amazing. And Braden is so adorable in that apron.

  2. Cassandra Avatar

    Why, yes Ginger, there are lots of Snickerdoodles.
    I’ve tried to be amazing, but it is such hard work. So now, I just go with it and feel grateful when someone thinks I’m amazing. 🙂
    He is so cute in that apron, isn’t he? I’ll have to dress Carter up, too. He loves to wear aprons and help in the kitchen now.

  3. Sheltie Girl Avatar
    Sheltie Girl

    You did a wonderful job on the sugar cookies and I love the snickerdoodle.

    Happy Holidays!

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

  4. Cassandra Avatar

    Thanks, Sheltie Girl. Happy Holidays to you, too.