Corrallin’ the Crescent Rolls

Since the crescent roll recipe from the Better Batter website is such a huge hit, I thought I’d find as many of the variations floating out there in blogland as I can. Bear with me, I’m sure I won’t catch them all. Feel free to leave a link if I missed it, and I’ll get it put in here.

My original post, with some variations, including cinnamon rolls and using Montina flour
My Pizza
My Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Kate’s Crescent Dog Army
Kate’s Homemade Croissants
Carrie’s, using a starch-less flour blend
Carrie’s hubby’s Chicken Pot Pie
Ginger’s Muffin Cup Quiches
Steve’s using blackberry jam and cream cheese
Melanie’s picture of a crescent roll with the ends eaten off (I love it!)

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