Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: February 2008

  • Pudding Cookies

    This is one of my favorite cookie recipes, and it is so versatile. It comes from Mireille, over at the On-Line Celiac Support Group. We’ve made these using all sorts of variations. Pick a pudding and pick some chips, and you’re set. If you want a great chocolate chip cookie, use vanilla pudding and chocolate […]

  • Chicken Curry

    One evening last year, Andy and I had a progressive dinner with two other couples. Dessert was at our house, and we made the Andes Cheesecake Supreme. Dinner was at Leanne’s, and she made a wonderful chicken curry for us. I have been wanting to make this and post it for you, but haven’t gotten […]

  • I’ve Been Tagged – Again

    But don’t worry, Carrie, it wasn’t on this blog. Since I don’t like chain letters, persistent forwards, or any of that other stuff, I will play along only to the point of telling you stuff about me (and this one has 7- the last one only had 6, lol). 1. I recently found out I’m […]

  • Variations on a Theme – Tom’s 2

    I made another loaf of the Tom’s Light Bread, European Style. This version had no chickpea flour. The flour mix (made the other week) consisted of: 1/2 cup sorghum flour 1/2 cup millet flour 1/8 cup quinoa flour 1 cup cornstarch 1 cup + 1 TBS tapioca starch Friday afternoon, I prepared my sponge. I […]

  • Check Out My New Page

    There’s not much I don’t like about WordPress so far.  However, their archiving bugs me.  So I created a recipe page, like a table of contents for the recipes.  If you are looking for a certain recipe, you can now go to the recipe page to find it, instead of having to wade through the […]