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Rice Chex and Recipes

I know everyone else has already written about it, but I was waiting until I could actually purchase a box.

Well, finally, they were available to me (they’ve had the old, non-gf boxes on the shelf, driving me crazy). I got a box today (I only got one because I still have some Crunch ‘Ems hanging around).

I’m excited, because it’s a mainstream company that has taken notice of us (and I hope they will continue to produce more gf cereals). Andy’s excited (or at least I will pretend he is) because it’s something from the evil cereal aisle (though we buy Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles). Braden’s excited because they have box tops (box tops for education). Carter’s excited because I let him carry them into the house.

So we’re all excited. And all of us Celiacs are going to buy lots of these so GM will take notice, right?

Yeah, but what do you do with a whole bunch of Rice Chex? Oh, so many possibilities.

The obvious: eat them. Eat them plain, eat them with milk. My new favorite way is to add cut-up dried apples or pears, sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar, and add just a touch of honey, and have that as my morning bowl of cereal. (Okay, you ask, how do I have a favorite way if I just bought them? – well, I was using the Crunch ‘Ems like this.)

But oh, the recipes. Chex actually has a gluten-free page of recipes now. Currently, there are only 8 recipes on there. But I did some digging on the Betty Crocker website and found a whole bunch more. I posted them over at the Delphi Celiac group, here. There are more than just the “mix” type recipes – there is even a chicken pot pie recipe and a green bean casserole recipe (I think I may just make the topping, lol).

Rice Chex would make a good crumb crust, too. Just crush the cereal, add a little sugar (if you want a sweet crust), and melted butter, and press it in. You would probably bake it for about 7 to 10 minutes at 350° (just guessing – I haven’t done it yet).

So enjoy, and spread the joy. What is your favorite way to eat gluten-free Rice Chex?






2 responses to “Rice Chex and Recipes”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    Every week I check to see if my grocery store has them… but they seem to be stocked with a limitless supply of the old version… also, the packaging is clearly christmas-y which is making me wonder just how old the cereal I buy is…

  2. Shirley Avatar

    I immediately made Chex mix using the GF Rice Chex. I used the recipe for the original Chex mix, using GF pretzels and ensuring everything else was GF. It came out great.