Trader Joe’s Pancake Mix

This morning we made our first batch of Trader Joe’s gluten-free pancakes.  First, I have to say thank you to my Mom and Dad for getting some for me while they were in California.  Thanks!

Trader Joe’s has a pretty big list of gluten-free products.  One of these days, they will pay attention to my emails and put one in Fort Worth.  Until that day comes, I will get their products when I can (which is rarely, and will be even more rare now that Daddy is supposed to stop traveling for work).  TJ’s has a pretty good system going for them and us.  Their gf products are produced by someone else, and packaged for them.  This usually means huge savings for the consumer.  In this case, I believe (but I could be wrong) that the pancake mix is actually made by Namaste.

Besides being gluten-free, the mix is also nut-free and corn-free (and some other things as well).  We found the pancakes to be very good.  I think our favorite still stands with Roben Ryberg’s from You Won’t Believe It’s Gluten-Free, but as far as mixes go, it ranks up there with Pamela’s for us.  I had mine with just peanut butter, to keep my carb counts down as much as possible (and my blood glucose only got to 111 after eating 2 pancakes, so that’s pretty good).  Two with peanut butter was plenty of food for me.

If you have a Trader Joe’s and haven’t tried out some of their stuff, I suggest you do.  We love the licorice scotty dogs and the savory mini rice crackers.  I was hoping to try some of their chocolate products, but it was too hot for my parents to transport that stuff (it was 117 at some point on their drive home).

If you live around Fort Worth, please send an email to Trader Joe’s asking for one in Fort Worth.  Their prices are a whole lot better than Whole Foods, in many cases.

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