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GF Halloween Candy

It’s that time of year again. Halloween, the craziest candy day of the year.

And the day after Halloween? That’s the day that a whole bucketful of candy makes its way to the fire station. Not only is it a great way to dispose of gluteny or questionable candy, but it also saves me from eating too much, lol. (Unfortunately, it is usually my husband that consumes all the candy at the station.)

Melonie at the Silly Yaks Yahoo group has put out a gf candy list for 2008. It has been cross-posted here on the Delphi Celiac forum.

But it seems that gluten-free is the word on the street. Well, at any rate, it’s the phrase on the bag. While waiting for a prescription this afternoon, Braden and I perused the Halloween candy aisle at Target. We found “gluten free” written under the ingredients lists of Chocolate Skittles, Sour Skittles (but not the regular skittles, go figure), Starburst, the various Mike & Ike flavors, and Hot Tamales. We also found Florida’s Natural Healthy Treats Nuggets & Stiks, with gluten free on the front of the bag in bold letters.

So keep your eyes open.

And keep safe this Halloween. If a candy does not have a label, then it’s not allergen-friendly. Remember:

Happy Trick or Treating!






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  1. Denis Avatar

    Updated October 2009 GF Candy List

    The team at have developed the most comprehensive 2009 GF Candy List (over 1700 candies sold in the USA & Canada).

    You can browse through the list by category, brand, GF Status or even by keyword. Every product has a dated GF Statement and GF Meter ranking, so you can easily tell which products are made in a gluten free facility.

    It’s ideal to go through those bags of candy since it only takes a few seconds to get the information you need.