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Mi-Del and Pamela’s at Wal-Mart

A very noteworthy topic of discussion recently on the Delphi Celiac Forum was the appearance of Mi-Del gf cookies and Pamela’s cookies at a few Wal-Marts across the country.  Ever ready to forward our cause of accessible gluten-free foods, I went on the hunt.  Lo and behold, hidden among the cookies were the Mi-Del gf gingersnaps (next to the gluten Mi-Del gingersnaps) and the Pamela’s chocolate chip cookies.  I would not have seen them had I not been looking specifically at every kind of cookie.

For a fun treat, try making sandwiches out of the gf gingersnaps and some icing (my favorite for this is the Pillsbury cream cheese).  If you let them sit for a few hours or overnight (in a closed container or baggie), then the cookies will get nice and soft.  They are great frozen, too.






2 responses to “Mi-Del and Pamela’s at Wal-Mart”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up! I will be looking for these when I visit – hopefully my Walmart will have them. Last time I went looking for DeBoles pasta, I couldn’t find it there – but then again – that’s Walmart.

  2. Dana aka Gluten Free In Cleveland Avatar

    What great news! I’ve always been lucky to live in places with GF supplies everywhere…but I know not everyone is so lucky. So good for walmart – wow. what a sentence I never, ever thought I’d say.

    Also, I read your post last late night and spent the whole night dreaming about the mi-del cinnamon snaps I had in my cupboard. When I got up this morning, I slapped a little whipped cream cheese on one and boy, were you right. delicious.