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James is Famous

Okay, maybe not quite famous.  But he is in an article in Newsweek about Celiac Disease.

Who is James?  (I know most of you are wondering.)  James is a fun little guy.  He’s 11, and he greets everybody with a smiling face each month at our support group meetings, and escorts the newly diagnosed to the Celiac 101 class.  He also sells raffle tickets (we sell more if the tickets go to the people, instead of having them come to my book table to buy 🙂 ).

Okay, read the article.  I think it was decent, although I’m a bit peeved by Dr. Green’s statement:
“I don’t think people should torture their children unnecessarily.”

While the gluten-free diet can be a pain in the butt, especially in social situations, I don’t think it is torture.  (Though I know there are some that would disagree with me.)

Did you like the article?






3 responses to “James is Famous”

  1. Vittoria Avatar

    I certainly don’t think being gluten free, or even SCD as I am, is a torture. I feel so much better, there’s no comparison. I find the article only so-so, not especially informative, something the general population would likely skim and not sink in, but that’s just me.

  2. Jason Avatar

    I’m a little disappointed at the choice of wording in paragraph one. I don’t think any one who has Celiac disease “decided” to eat gluten free, we do it because for health reasons we have to. Otherwise, anything that raises awareness of Celiac disease is certainly a good thing.


  3. Sarah Avatar

    So is not giving peanuts to a kid that is allergic to them torture or good parenting.