Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Delight GF Magazine

Have you gotten your copy?  Are you totally excited?  I am.

I’m talking about a brand new gluten-free magazine with beautiful full-color photographs throughout.  And do you know what makes it extra-special?  I have the great privilege of helping create this masterpiece (just a tiny bit).  You have no idea how excited I was/am to do this.

Julie Luse, the editor, wanted to create a beautiful magazine for people with gluten-intolerance, to have excellent recipes (including free of other allergens), tips, and information all wrapped up in a beautiful package.  I think she’s done an excellent job for the first issue.  I have heard nothing but good things about it.

Check out Delight gluten free Magazine.  You can subscribe online, too.  It’s only $14 for 4 issues (one year)!  If you’ve subscribed to a gluten-free magazine before, then you know that this is a great deal.  Also, at the website, you can submit questions for the Q&A with a doctor, participate in polls, find a store, and learn more about the contributors (I guess I need to write up a bio, huh?).

Make sure you get your subscription soon.  You don’t want to miss out on my article in the next issue.  🙂

Have you written a book or are part of a company that you would like to advertise in Delight gluten free Magazine?  Send me an email at delightfullyglutenfree at gmail dot com, and I’ll get you hooked up with some information.

I sincerely hope you are “delighted” with Delight gluten free.







7 responses to “Delight GF Magazine”

  1. Erin Avatar

    i found this magazine the other day and IMMEDIATELY subscribed!
    how cool to have another addition to my GF magazine collection and how cool that you were involved in its creation 🙂
    -erin @

  2. Meagan Avatar

    I am kind of disappointed that you are talking about this magazine like it is the first and only gluten free magazine. This is not true. Living Without has been in a print for years now, and is quite simply amazing! It looks like this one is simply a copycat. It will be great to see how it launches and what the magazine becomes. Of course it’s always great for a gluten free magazine to come out!

  3. Cassandra Avatar

    I’m sorry, Meagan, if you thought I was saying this is the only gf magazine. I know it is not.
    The last time I read a Gluten-Free Living magazine, it was mostly black and white. The subscription rate for Living Without is $23 for 4 issues.

    I know that both of these magazines have changed some things since I last read them, and I believe that both are good. For those who want something new, or in addition to what they already have, this is a great magazine.

  4. Lea Avatar

    I was excited when I saw that this new magazine is out. I think that “Living Without” is sort of pricey for what you get. I subscribed to this and can’t wait to receive it. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  5. Tobi Avatar

    I wish that I could say that I have even seen this magazine. I paid for my subscription back in March 2009 and have not seen an issue since. I have called and emailed (both from their site and my personal account) and they refuse to respond. I do get emails from them telling me all about the great things in the upcoming issue!!! Therefore, I am not lost just ignored.
    My only conclusion is that they take your money and you get no product (I think that it is called stealing).

    1. Nikki Avatar

      I agree with Tobi’s posting on Sept 14, 2009 and wish I read it before I ordered my magazine in December 2009. I have not yet rec’d my mag despite numerous calls and e-mails. I am an attny and will be looking into taking action.

      1. jen Avatar

        I too have subscribed and not received an issue. They do not respond to my emails either.