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New Strawberry Crisp Cereal

New on the cereal scene is Strawberry Crisp from Erewhon.  Like the other gluten-free cereals from Erewhon, it is only lightly sweetened.

We have always liked the cereals from Erewhon.  Braden’s favorite cereal when he was little was Rice Twice, and he still enjoys it today.  My favorite was the Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries.

Until this came…

Strawberry Crisp has pushed its way to the top.

It has just enough sweetness to be tasty, but it does not taste  (and is not) sugary.  The strawberries are just that – freeze dried strawberries, and there are a bunch in there.  The thick, crispy corn flakes appear to have bubbles in them sometimes, but that is the brown rice crisped up in the flakes.  They remind me of some gluten cereal that gets highly advertised for its flakes (which I don’t pay attention to so I can’t tell you the name).

I really wanted to take a picture of the flakes for you, but my camera has decided to stop working.  Completely.  So, you will just have to look at the picture on the box.  🙂

Braden says this cereal is “excellent” and it “tastes like strawberries even when you don’t get a strawberry.”  The freeze dried strawberries leave a bit of strawberry powder on the flakes.  It’s good stuff.

I had to hide the box from Carter and Andy, since I’m pretty sure Andy threw away my notes from the original taste-test, and I had to make sure there was some for me to taste again.  :)  I know we didn’t eat that much cereal…

So, look for Erewhon’s new Strawberry Crisp cereal to satisfy your tastes for slightly-sweet crunchy goodness loaded with strawberries.






2 responses to “New Strawberry Crisp Cereal”

  1. 10 yrs Gluten Free Avatar

    I really think Erewhorn does a good job with this gluten free cereal. That fact that it is strawberry helps too.

  2. Marlene Hibbard Avatar

    Great site, so glad I found it . I was just searching for recipes for deserts made with the gf rice chex and came across this. Thanks