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Betty Crocker GF Cookie Mix and Giveaway!

That’s right.  In the words of my cousin Malia, “BC is rockin’ it gluten-free.”

Andy, with great joy, dove into the task of making these cookies last night.  They were pretty simple.

The results?  Overall, pretty good.

Like many (but definitely not all) gluten-free products, these cookies are a bit on the gritty side of life.  I know that grittiness really bothers some people, and others not at all.  I found that in the crispier parts of the cookies, however, the grittiness was not quite as noticeable.

Andy said that other than that, they tasted just like a wheat-based cookie.  He found them to have plenty of chocolate chips, which I actually found surprising because he usually dumps bags of chips in his cookies.  🙂

Today, the cookies had a rich, buttery flavor that I did not taste when they were fresh out of the oven.  This mix makes a good cookie, and if Betty Crocker can get a finer rice flour, then I think it will be excellent.  (And I’m sure a company like Betty Crocker will keep working on it until they think it’s perfect.)

Would you like to try out the new Betty Crocker gluten-free cookie mix?  How about all the mixes, a couple of coupons for free mixes, a shopping bag, shopping list pad, and a pen?

Leave a comment before 9 pm central on Friday, July 31st (2009), and tell me what, in your opinion, is the best thing about gluten-free mixes from Betty Crocker.  One of you will be randomly chosen to recieve a prize pack from Betty Crocker Gluten Free Dessert Mixes.

To get you started… For me, the best thing about gluten-free mixes from Betty Crocker is that it means that big companies know we exist, and they are starting to learn that we mean business.

Be on the lookout for more Betty Crocker Gluten Free Dessert Mixes reviews coming soon.







62 responses to “Betty Crocker GF Cookie Mix and Giveaway!”

  1. tyrailia Avatar

    The best thing about BC mixes is convenience and being “mainstream”. It makes us seem so much more “normal” now that we have mixes from a mainstream company.

  2. Amy Avatar

    I love that I can find the mixes easily and that major companies are finally recognizing a long ignored need!

    YEA for Betty!

  3. MillerP Avatar

    The cookies really are quite good! Some gluten-eating people tasted them and approved.

  4. Rebecca Avatar

    The best thing about these mixes is that it gives family and friends a recognizable product. People want to make gluten free things for me – I am lucky to work with great people – but they don’t know what to do or what to buy. Betty Crocker is a recognized brand and the products are in the “regular” baking aisle!

  5. angela Avatar

    Hey that is awesome! I just picked up a box of their cake mix to try out.

  6. Phyllis Avatar

    I agree about the gritiness. I also find them a bit soft. But that might be because I used the toaster oven instead of the big oven. Too hot!
    I like the brownies better. They are pure-de-lightful! Just like regular brownies. Didn’t last long around here (and I live alone!). Haven’t tried the cake yet; gotta wait till cooler weather come in. Oh lets say, maybe November, December?!

  7. Micha B Avatar

    The best thing? A brand we already know and trust having easily available GF products. How easy is that for someone who isn’t eating GF to have a safe something available for guests?? I think it’s awesome.

  8. Jeanine Avatar

    I think the best thing about the mixes is simply the convenience. EVERYTHING is a production when you’re on a GF diet. Not much for convenience. But a chocolate chip cookie mix…looks delicious & simple!

  9. Elizabeth Avatar

    I think the best thing is that friends and family members recognize Betty Crocker, so it makes gluten free more normal for them, =D

  10. Stephanie Avatar

    I think the best thing will be that they will become more widely available. I didn’t know about this and I am excited to try them.

  11. Marilee Avatar

    The best thing is that I found them in my local grocery store yesterday! (I’m going to make the cookies this afternoon, hopefully.) I think it will make it less intimidating for gluten eaters to have something special for the little ones in their lives who can’t eat gluten.

  12. Sandy Avatar

    I have tried the brownie and the yellow cake mix. I have a couple of best things. One is seriously, when I had a fresh-baked cupcake with chocolate frosting? I cried. I am not a baker and don’t have the time to experiment. Betty has made me happy. The brownies are awesome too.

    The other thing? They are $2 cheaper than the mixes in the specialty section. That really helps.

  13. Jessica Avatar

    Absolutely the convenience. Baking Gluten Free can be time consuming, so it’s nice to be able to quickly have a dessert.

  14. Melissa Avatar

    I love that gluten-free products will be so much more readily accessible. Products like this will begin to prevent long drives to health food stores!! I am excited to try these. I haven’t seen them here yet.

  15. Jeanine Avatar

    The best thing is that anyone can go buy the mix and make something special for someone else without the hassle of finding recipes that may or may not be what they really want. So if my husband wants to make my birthday cake himself, he can do it easily without worrying about any lack of recipe reading skills.

    Love BC right now.

  16. Emily Avatar

    I agree with everyone here – the convenience is great, the brownies (the only mix I’ve tried so far) are delicious and indestiguishable from their gluten counterpart. The best thing is that my friends and family can find something (at a reasonable price) that they can make for me and enjoy with me!

  17. Connie Avatar

    The best thing is that if BC is doing it, so will other mainstream companies, and that brings down prices and increases choices. Yeah! And, they are doing it because they have discovered that they don’t need to spend lots of $$$ advertising – these new products become popular by word of mouth. Not a bad reputation for the blogging community to have, I’d say! Good work!

  18. Tiffany Avatar

    I haven’t tried the mixes yet, but I think it’s great that we (and our family and friends) can (eventually) get them at the local grocery store. Plus I’d like to have a mix that tasted similarly to the wheat stuff.

  19. Alysia Teran Avatar
    Alysia Teran

    The best thing about Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes, is that they EXIST!!!

  20. Arlene von Linden Avatar
    Arlene von Linden

    Well, there are a lot of good things about the new Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes, but for me, the very best thing is the convenience due to them being a mainstream product. : )

  21. Stacy Avatar

    The best part about GF mixes from Betty Cocker? That my KIDS can go to the regular grocery store with me and pick out the box to put in the cart. I love how proudly the box states it is Gluten Free, and my little ones can see and read that.

    And that devil’s chocolate cake was much better for my son’s 2nd birthday than the gf recipe/failure I tried for his first.

  22. Sarah Tolson Avatar

    Hmm.. the best thing about Betty Crocker jumping on the GF bandwagon.. I don’t have to go to a specialty store everytime I want to make my GF kiddos a treat. 🙂

  23. Jenna Z Avatar

    It makes GF mixes more accessible to the mainstream! Making it easier on class treat baking moms and those who want to make sure to have something for everyone at their bake sale!

  24. Jenna Z Avatar

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    1. Jenna Z Avatar

      Ha! I just replied to the wrong blog about Dog yoga! Embarrassing!

  25. The Gluten Free Life Avatar

    I think the best part about it, by far, is that with the entry of manufacturers like Betty Crocker, mixes like these are bound to become cheaper. We can pick these up for under $5 at our local store. Not even close to the $1 or so for a wheat version, but getting better. The more mainstream it becomes, the faster it will drop in price and become more affordable to those that have to use it.

  26. holly Avatar

    I would love to be able to TRY these mixes! No where in my town has them, but the convenience factor is appealing.

  27. ultimatestamina Avatar

    The best part is that now before my ultra marathon training runs I can enjoys cookies and coffee and don’t have to drive huge miles from home to get gluten free cookies. When you are planning a 20+ mile run, there is seriously nothing better than some cookies and coffee to get you motivated. We are FINALLY being paid attention to. There just might be hope after all.

  28. ShootingStarsMag Avatar

    I think the best thing is that people can finally ENJOY some of the sweets that other people probably took for granted. Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to be entered.

  29. Fawkesy (Rachel) Avatar

    I love that my friends and family can easily find them in the store, and then make them at home if they are going to be entertaining me. I know how hard it is for them to make me feel at home, and this mix helps them out quite a bit.

  30. anne Avatar

    The best thing is the Betty Crocker is joining the crowd of vendors to provide easy access to foods that most of the population enjoys. Easy access to foods like this make life so much easier for persons with gluten intolerances. Thank you!

  31. Brooklyn Avatar

    Betty did a most wonderful deed. Not only are they affordable, easily accessible, and divine, but it gives hope to us GF gurus that mainstream companies are paying attention!

  32. Lisette Avatar

    The best thing is that they’re so easy to make and still VERY delicious.

  33. Danielle Shaw Avatar
    Danielle Shaw

    We were in Harps today getting snacks for my husband to take to work and I happened to see out of the corner of my eye “gluten-free” on a CAKE BOX! I literally squealed in delight. Thank you Betty Crocker…it was so nice to be walking down the regular aisle and find something that I could have. I always feel so left out when I have to go to the tiny section (if they even have a section) to find my “treats”.

  34. annalene Avatar

    the best thing about the gluten products is that they can be used by those with dietary restrictions! its also nice to see such a wide variety of options. these look great, thank you so much for the giveaway!

  35. thedallasceliac Avatar

    I really liked this mix. I agree that it was a bit gritty, but I’m more than willing to accept that since the flavor was so good.

    I also like that the mix is corn-free as well, which unfortunately the brownie mix is not.

  36. Anette Avatar

    I was able to try the chocolate cake mix before it was in stores and it was FABULOUS! However, the one they decided to market is different from the one I tried. Hopefully the one you can buy is as good! The brownie mix is wonderful!
    Thanks for the options!

  37. Carol-Lyn Avatar

    The best thing about Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes is that they taste like real homemade baked goods that we were brought up with. I’ve been Gluten Free for 2 years now and Betty Crocker is the best yet, and I just want to say Thank you!!!

  38. homesklrcoupons Avatar

    We’ve tried the Chocolate cake and it was awesome. Others didn’t know it was gf until we told them. So excited about this. Makes it a bit easier to fit gf into a child’s life.

  39. Andrea Avatar

    Best thing about gluten-free mixes? The fact that there ARE gluten free mixes! That my friends, if they know I am coming over for a function, could easily pick up at any store and not have to go out of their way to find at a Whole Foods or Trader Joes if they want to make a desert I can eat!!

  40. Joy Avatar

    I haven’t gotten to try the mixes yet. I have been hounding my local Ingles store as to when they will start carrying them. :o)

    I think that the best part about BC making gluten free mixes is not only does it show other big companies that we are out there and WILL be heard, it raises awareness among the general population.

  41. Shawn Avatar

    it’s awesome to see the bigger established companies reconize the need , and help those that have been without for a while. We have tried baking our own using mixes we have never heard of from companies we know nothing about to keep our kids living a seemingly “normal” childhood. Finding these GF products on the shelf next to regular products at regular stores aids that feeling of normalcy especially for kids that can often wonder “why do I need Special food?”. Thanks Betty

  42. Roben Avatar

    I believe two best thing about these mixes 1- it opens up a giant avenue of food enjoyment for the timid baker. Grab just a bag of this and a few other safe ingredients…..hmmmm…..who knows what we’ll come up with AND 2-it makes my friends happy.

  43. Michelle Avatar

    My favorite things about the Betty Crocker mixes are that regular chain grocery stoes are more likely to carry them than the “health food” brands. We live in an out of the way place and I bought the couple that were also corn-free and soy-free right here. Secondly, the Devil’s Food cake mix was outstanding. None of the gluten eaters knew it was gluten-free until I was eating it too. Label does state it may contain soy, but none was listed in the ingredients and I did not react, so it’s more likely this box didn’t.

  44. Natalie Brown Avatar
    Natalie Brown

    My favorite thing about the BC mixes is that aside from tasting “like regular” cookies and cakes, they are so quick and easy to make! I don’t need to fuss around with 10 different flours and substitutes, just mix and bake–so easy! I can get them from any grocery store which eliminates a trip to a specialty foods store, yet another plus!

  45. Jamie Evelyn Avatar
    Jamie Evelyn

    I am so glad Betty Crocker has come out with the Gluten Free mixes. The best part in my opinion is that family and friends of gf people will be able to purchase these mixes in their local grocery stores and quickly prepare a dessert for their gf loved ones. 🙂

  46. Missy Avatar

    The best thing about the gluten free Betty Crocker mixes is that I can make all of my “Cake Mix Doctor” recipes, which use cake mixes as the base for lots of delicious goodies. Gooey Chess Cake, anyone?

    1. Sharon Avatar

      Do you use 1 Betty Crocker Gluten Free cake mix to substitute for 1 regular cake mix in the “Cake Mix Doctor” recipes? Thanks

  47. Katherine Avatar

    I love that Betty Crocker is bringing GF to the masses–so now my in-laws can make dessert for their son without having to step inside a nature store (not that I wouldn’t love them to, but it’s not everybody…) Here’s to GF going mainstream!

  48. Christine Avatar

    I LOVE that Betty Crocker is offering gluten free products! I am the only one in my family who has to be gluten free and it’s hard for me to justify spending $7 or $8 for a specialty mix just for myself. At around $4, these are quick easy treats that I don’t have to feel bad about spending the money on.

  49. Dallasred Avatar

    We are in the mainstream finally. It has been too long. I liked the vanilla cake and want to try the devil’s food. It will be so easy to make something on the spur of the moment not have to go to health food store, etc. Thank you Betty Crocker

  50. Nancy Nicholson Avatar
    Nancy Nicholson

    The best thing is that the mixes will be available in all the stores and there will be no more hunting around for gluten free items which takes time, effort and driving time. Betty Crocker is such a recognizable name, no one will be afraid to try them. It is such a treat to open a box, mix it up and stick them in the oven. No more combining flours to get it just right and testing recipes over and over. A true time saver for all GF’s.

  51. Ashley Avatar

    I am excited that there are more options for people who have to live a gluten free lifestyle. I am really excited to try these new mixes Betty Crocker has made available. It also makes gluten free baking a lot easier and less time consuming.

  52. Pat Avatar

    It’s great that I will finally be able to bake a cake for my friend who is gluten free. She does so many nice things for me and it will be so easy to pick one of these up in the grocery store. Thanks Betty Crocker.

  53. Lisa Avatar

    For a quick snack or dessert it’s nice to be able to pull out Betty Crocker GF mixes.
    That taste good!!

  54. Marisa Avatar

    The best thing about these mixes is that normal people will find out what gluten intolerance is, and what gluten free means. Most people say “what is that?” when you tell them you are gluten intolerant.

  55. Terry Sofley Avatar
    Terry Sofley

    The best thing about the mixes are they are mixes! I don’t have to make them from scratch so they can be made fast! Yum! Makes me hungry thinking about it!

  56. shelly carpenter Avatar

    $10.00 for a bag of flour, $10.00 xantham gum, $10.00 more flour needed to blend the other flour, $4.00 Betty Crocker Cake mixes, Brownies and Cookie mixes…..(Stashing the products above because everyone that does not have to eat gluten free will eat them all up anyways because they are decadent!!!….PRICELESS

  57. Shirley Orio Avatar
    Shirley Orio

    Really great cookie, didn’t mind the grittyness it’s more like a oatmeal chocolate chip texture which I love. More so my 8 year GF daughter loves them, I did use a med size egg and I will do them againwith a large egg as these are very crumbly (can’t really pick them up without them falling apart.) Nice job Betty Crocker!

  58. Helen Avatar

    I don’t have celiac but I am allergic to wheat. I usually travel miles to a Whole Foods store to purchase wheat-free bread and only recently became aware of this product. I have yet to cook up a batch of the brownie mix that I have purchased. Based on the reviews, I’m sure that I will NOT be disappointed! I agree about the grittiness but that’s a very small compromise.

  59. Julie Benson Avatar
    Julie Benson

    The Betty Crocker cookie mix is delicious. It has been hard to find the perfect recipe that doesn’t “scream” gluten free with its texture or flavor. This recipe is so easy and everyone loves them.

  60. Elizabeth Yeisley Avatar
    Elizabeth Yeisley

    Looking forward to trying your product and see it allows me to make a product easily for a family who suffers from this condition.