Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Nature’s Path Cereals and Bars

When I was first diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I ate a lot of scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Eggs can be great – for awhile – but not when you eat them every… single… morning.

Luckily, a friend told me they had seen some gluten-free cereal at Kroger.  I was so thankful to find Gorilla Munch!  It saved my mornings.

There are lots of gluten-free breakfast options available now, and there are quite a few that come from Nature’s Path.

Nature’s Path Crispy Rice is probably my favorite brand for just eating.  It’s different than most crispy rice (not flat and shiny – though I know that totally does not explain it), and wouldn’t make rice crispy treats exactly the same as you remember.  I ate a lot of this cereal, plain, while I was stuck in bed, sick, during the beginning of my pregnancy with Corice.

Gorilla Munch and Peanut Butter Panda Puffs are about the same cereal, except the PB Puffs have peanut butter on them.  Both of them are a puffy corn-based ball (think Kix).  I like their taste, but I get annoyed at how the cereal sticks in my teeth.  We tend to cycle through these cereals – eat them for awhile, then not get them again for awhile, etc.  There is also a new one called Leapin’ Lemurs, which has chocolate balls and peanut butter balls.

Are you wondering what’s with the animal names?

These cereals are Envirokidz cereals (part of Nature’s Path).  They’re big on conservation and protecting endangered species (which I am all for, btw).  The boxes have some fun information about the different endangered species that the cereals are named after, and there are fun games and stuff inside.  I know, because Braden once had me play the game from the inside of the Koala Crisp (chocolate crispy rice) a lot.  It was one of the things that helped him decide to make good food choices.

The berry, chocolate, and peanut butter crispy rice bars have long been a staple for many families that I know.  Their name pretty much says it all, they taste kind of like those marshmallow crispy bars, except not as sweet.  There are now two new flavors to the lineup – fruity burst, and choco drizzle.  The choco drizzle is basically the peanut butter bar with chocolate on top.  Mine was melted when I got it (dang Texas heat), but it was still good.  The fruity burst and the berry are really not as similar as they may sound.  The berry flavor has bits of real berries in it, and the fruity burst is more like a candy bar – sweeter, with candy-like fruit spots in it.  I think I’ll mostly stick with the berry flavor, as I prefer the just-sweet-enough approach.

Nature’s Path has other gf cereals, even some with ground flax seeds, and some gluten-free frozen waffles (which can make good ham and cheese sandwiches when you are out of bread).

Which is your favorite and where do you buy them (or where do you see them, if you’ve never bought them)?

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3 responses to “Nature’s Path Cereals and Bars”

  1. Alisa - Frugal Foodie Avatar

    I haven’t had Nature’s Path in ages, but they really were our favorite brand of cereal.

    I already have the Enjoy Life cookbook, so I can’t enter, but it is seriously awesome!

  2. Linda Avatar

    I really enjoy Panda Puffs, though I agree with you about them sticking in your teeth. I still enjoy eggs for breakfast pretty often, but it’s nice to have variety. I have found that My Organic Market is the cheapest place to buy Nature’s Path cereals.

  3. Jason Avatar

    I like gorilla munch as well, i get it at trader joes for the best price. however i must say there are already plenty of gluten free cereals out there, just aren’t particularly advertised as such. Lots of rice and corn based cereals are… chex offers a decent selection, fruity pebbles, crispix, those are my favorites.