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On the Border

A friend and I got together for lunch a few weeks ago, and at her suggestion, we went to On the Border.  I had forgotten they now have a gluten-free menu.  I was worried about the precautions (or lack of) that they might have.  Since my friend waitresses at the location nearest me, she assured me that they had had some really good training on it, and that she would be able to take care of me.

And she did.

She made sure that my yellow corn tortillas got microwaved, to avoid cross-contact on the warming surfaces.  We ordered from the children’s menu, grilled chicken (which they cooked on foil, but it was still very tasty), black beans, and cilantro lime rice.  We made our own fajitas with the tortillas and some queso blanco (the regular queso is not gluten-free).

They did a good job with my meal (thanks, in large part, I feel, to my friend helping me navigate).  It was good and very filling, and I even went back.

We took Braden out tonight to celebrate his being in the spelling bee.  It didn’t go as well as he had hoped.  He rushed right into his first word, receive, and left out the second “E”.  He knew he had misspelled it even before they had rung the bell.  It was pretty tough for him, the next few minutes, but he managed to pull himself together.  (Actually, nearly half of the children got out during the first round.)  He was very happy for his classmate, the only other third grader, as she won the spelling bee.

We were very excited that he had gotten in the bee in the first place – there were only 32 children.  He also handled himself pretty well.  Next year, if given the chance, we will definitely work on thinking more before speaking.  There’s no “erase” in the spelling bee.  🙂

Remember, as always, when you go out to eat, to make sure you feel comfortable with the knowledge of the personnel at your location.  Not all restaurants within a chain are created equal.






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  1. Ellen Allard Avatar

    That is great news! I think Mexican is one of the easiest foods to make gluten free. Thanks for the update about On The Border!


  2. Jenna Batchelor Avatar
    Jenna Batchelor

    Hi Cassandra,
    I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I work for a company that is launching a new gluten free online store and we want to make sure we know exactly what gluten free shoppers want. We have an online survey going so we can make sure we have everything you want and it would be great if you could take the survey or post it in your blog. If not I absolutely understand but just thought I would ask and see if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks!

    The link for the survey is